When you think about Autism, what do you picture? Maybe a child who seems distant from the world or struggles to connect with others. Whatever it is, it’s crucial to recognize that every person with Autism has their talents and strengths.

Take Jetsi Gonzalez, for instance; she’s an 18-year-old artist from Las Vegas with creative abilities. Jetsi Gonzalez made headlines last month when her digital artwork caught the attention of many and was selected to compete in a prestigious contest – the Sphere’s Exosphere Summer competition.

Gonzales Autism Diagnosis

Gonzales was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of three, according to her mother, Anna. It would take time, patience, and determination for Jetsi to gain the confidence to showcase her unlimited talent.  Her love for drawing, painting, and animation has allowed her to create unique sculptures based on original characters she has inscribed in her imaginative mind. Expressing herself through these creative channels has sparked boundless imagination culminating in her recent triumph within the realm of digital art. And just to clarify,  ‘digital art’ is a burgeoning art form that leverages technology and digital resources to craft captivating artworks.

These often require advanced technical skills, artistic talent, and knowledge, making them impressive feats. Gonzalez’s passion and dedication to this art form have paved the way for her to collaborate with others. Gonzalez’s love and commitment to this art have allowed her to partner with artists and exhibit her work in different galleries.

Early Diagnosis Benefits

As per her mom, Anna, an early diagnosis has played a vital role in assistance and opportunity provision for her daughter’s achievements. With 1 in 36 children being identified with Autism, it is crucial to have specialists such as those at Nevada Autism and Tupro University Nevada’s Pierce Autism Center to provide guidance and assistance. Gonzales’s Mom also emphasizes the need to recognize talent and abilities in children with disabilities and not just focus on their limitations. She firmly believes that all the children she works with possess unique abilities and talents, resembling savants in some ways.

Gonzalez has been selected to compete in the prestigious summer contest for students, where she will have the opportunity to showcase her digital designs in the sphere’s exosphere. The artwork that wins will be showcased prominently on July 4th, providing acknowledgment and visibility for the youth involved. It’s truly inspiring to witness artists with autism being offered a platform and encouragement to exhibit their abilities while also highlighting the significance of championing diversity and inclusivity.

Autism Support and Treatment

As an additional effort, Nevada Autism has also been actively engaged in providing valuable resources and education to the public on advancements in treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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