Is your loved one impacted by a disability, and you’re living in L.A.? Actually, there’s a new center that stands for empowerment and support for individuals with disability; it’s called CCF – Collaboration Center Foundation . It was first established in Southern Nevada in 2019, focusing on aiding individuals and their families who have a disability. This center aims to create support for children and adults impacted by developmental and learning disabilities.

This week, CCF made a special announcement – the location for their newly renovated campus in L. A is now open. It’s the Helms Helps Hub, located at the Collaboration Center. With a space that spans 23,000 square feet, the center can now offer treatment, therapy, and as well an inclusive environment for children. 

CCF partners

CCF is not alone in this journey; It has collaborated with several community organizations to achieve its goals. Some of these partners include reputable organizations such as the Christopher Smith Foundation, Children’s Heart Foundation, Foster Kinship, Sing Out for Autism, and Boys Town. And if you require assistance with Medicaid, the Helms Helps Hub has a dedicated office on site. Inside the new space, there are all manner of facilities for families and children.

For example, you’ll find a developmental preschool. Secondly, there also are treatment facilities offering specialized services for kids with developmental disorders. In addition, the newly introduced grab-and-go cafe provides a convenient option for families to grab a quick bite while visiting the center. Inside the new space, there are multiple resources available to families and children with developmental disabilities.

Other facilities

There’s also a playground, outdoor amphitheater, and garden dedicated to inclusive community gatherings. And for a unique experience, the Collaboration Center Foundation has even created a tortoise habitat, which allows children of all abilities to learn and appreciate nature interactively.

The CCF constantly strives to improve and expand its services for individuals with developmental disabilities. This commitment can be seen in their latest announcement that medical and health clinics will soon be available at the center. This is a crucial addition as it provides convenient access to necessary healthcare for families and individuals who may have difficulty accessing traditional facilities.

Therapy program

Furthermore, CCF’s Let’s Talk Therapy program is also expanding, offering various therapy options to guests in a comfortable and inclusive environment. As part of advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities, Nevada Autism has also been actively involved in offering support and educating the public, including researching treatment updates.

Nevada Autism Center is also dedicated to offering quality care, ABA treatment, and resources to individuals with autism, as well as their families.

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