We want to emphasize our understanding of the fact that a new diagnosis or introduction to ABA services can be overwhelming. Our amazing team from administration to BCBAs wants to help your family navigate this new journey with the least number of complications and frustration. As such, we have composed some resources at the community, local, and global levels to further support you and your family.

LV Local Resources

Taca Las Vegas

Director – Nicole Kalkowski

A country-wide organization, this is the local chapter of The Autism Community in Action. Parents and families with children individuals diagnosed with Autism can collaborate, advocate, and help raise awareness within the community while supporting each other on a unique and challenging journey.


RAD Las Vegas

After-school care, day camps, and summer camps are available through RAD- Real Autism Difference program.


New Horizons Academy

Las Vegas, NV

A tuition-based school focused on providing unique and adaptive programs for students with high-functioning Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, social anxieties, learning differences, and special needs.


Nevada State Resources

FEAT – Families for Effective Autism Treatment- of Southern Nevada

A support network consisting of parents and professionals who have some connection to the Autism community. They work on global outreach and advocacy, local resources including therapy and support groups, and guidance through what can be a very challenging diagnosis for many families.


Nevada Educational Advocacy and Tutoring Services, LLC – NEAT

This group is an active part of the community, fostering educational advocacy and offering tutoring services to children with special needs


Advocate 4 Kids, LLC

Phone 702-203-5316

Founder Cheryl Jung is a special education advocate for individuals with Autism ages 3-20


Nevada Pep

This organization is present in the entire state of Nevada and helps parents with children from birth through age 26 to raise awareness, hold training workshops, and give support to individuals with Autism and their families.


Positively Kids

The mission of this Nevada state resource is unique in that it is an integrated approach to combining behavioral healthcare needs with those of a primary healthcare provider. Located in Southern Nevada, support is offered for children through age 18, with an emphasis on the quality-of-life care needed for children who are medically fragile, medically dependent, and/or developmentally delayed.


Grant a Gift Autism Foundation Ackerman Center

Not-for-profit provider located in Nevada with a mission to provide clinical, support, and vocational programs and services to individuals with Autism and their families. This unique organization also provides ways for families to get involved with their community, raise awareness, and raise much-needed funds for Autism research.


Autism Treatment Assistance Program (ATAP)

The State of Nevada provides parents in need of temporary support in getting appropriate services for their child with Autism. They provide funds for evidence-based practices, such as those in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Northern Nevada Autism Network (NNAN)

NNAN helps families living with ASD with funding for respite care, tutors, and funding for treatment or evaluation/diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. NNAN also helps with scholarships towards audio output devices, online classes for behavioral training, and biomedical treatment. NNAN may also be able to provide social skills groups for ASD teens and teaching resources for local county schools.


Northern Nevada R.A.V.E Family (RAVE)

RAVE is a not-for-profit organization providing respite care to parents and caregivers of young or adult children who have special needs.



Located in and working with Northern Nevada, this organization offers everything from education and advocacy to helping lower-income families with durable medical equipment. A unique shop is set up to help fund this program and older teens and young adults with special needs are welcomed on staff to gain valuable insight and experience in the working world.


JUSTinHope Foundation

Located out of Reno, NV, this community organization helps fund advocacy and education programs for special groups such as first responders. They also offer respite care and community events to foster inclusion and support in the local community.


Nevada Educational Advocacy Center for Children & Youth

A local non-profit seeking to help families with children who have special needs to navigate the special education process. Help is available regarding disability laws, IEP planning, and more.

Global Resources


Autism Speaks

A nationwide resource for everything related to Autism. Resources for parents, community and volunteer events, fundraising, training materials for caregivers and more can be found at Autism Speaks.


Autism Society of America

Working to create change in America regarding laws surrounding individuals with Autism. Their focus is on public safety and training and connecting with affiliates around the country to change local and federal directives.


The Autism Community in Action – TACA

This community Autism program has chapters and locations all over the United States. Excellent resources for parents to meet up, raise awareness, and receive the support they need as parents of children with Autism.


American Autism Association

A US-based organization helping individual communities spread awareness, raise funds, and provide greater resources for those in the Autism community.


National Autism Association

A national organization with various programs to help families of those affected by or living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are special kits for families to help with individuals with ASD who are frequent wanderers, a program that helps get communication devices into the hands of individuals with Autism who need them, and free training materials for other caregivers or educators.


Advocating 4 Kids, Inc.

A nationwide advocacy resource for individuals with physical, emotional, behavioral, and/or learning disabilities.

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