Diversity Statement

Nevada Autism Center is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive and equitable organizational culture where staff and clients alike feel welcome and supported in reaching their goals. We recognize that diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on our ability to provide the tools necessary in helping clients achieve their full potential. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of age, neuro-divergence, differing abilities, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, immigration status, gender, or sexual orientation. NAC’s commitment to diversity includes the following actions:

  • Advocate for an end to disparities in access to needed services and support in low-income and disadvantaged communities.
  • Championing diversity in our organization; seeking to build a community of staff and clients that are diverse.
  • Representation matters. We promote diversity by including visual representations of diversity to come through in our marketing materials by being inclusive of all genders, races, body types, ages and abilities. NAC also emphasizes the use of diverse training materials in all trainings and educational videos utilized for employee growth. In addition to these materials, we ensure that all staff are able to benefit from them by utilizing training videos with closed captions.

To remain committed to building a diverse and inclusive work environment, NAC regularly reviews all marketing, training, and client materials to ensure diversity efforts are being met. When any of these materials are found to be lacking in their diversity, NAC will make corrections within one month to continue improving our culture.

NAC creates a culture of diversity by providing staff with regular opportunities to meet together for learning and growth. NAC desires that all staff and clients are supported in their decisions and growth. We aim to protect staff and clients alike by providing opportunities for staff and clients to be heard and have a voice in their growth with us. We encourage and empower our staff to be involved in the success of those we serve.

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