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Why community outreach matters

Nevada Autism Center seeks to become a well-known name in the Las Vegas community and beyond. We do this by fostering feelings of belonging and inclusion, both in our centers and out in the community. ABA services can also be incorporated into educational settings, if rendered necessary.

Educational ABA focuses on generalizing new skills into a school setting and helping guide IEP planning and goals. In-school ABA services can be received in conjunction with home and/or in-center therapy.

Nevada autism community work

Community work is where some of the best social goals are implemented and practiced. Working with an RBT and/or BCBA in populated places such as a restaurant can help with social skills such as ordering food, table manners and etiquette, and waiting.

Going out to a grocery store helps to practice making eye contact with others, waiting in line, social interactions, and using a list to navigate. A library is also a great setting for working on skill acquisition goals, such as adhering to the social norm of staying quiet and being respectful of others doing work or reading nearby.

It’s not just about teaching our learners how to interact and socialize while out in public – we want our society to see and get to know individuals with Autism out in the community and make it a safe and thriving space for all.

That’s why not only does NAC foster inclusivity and learning in the educational setting and at our centers, we take it a step further and put our best foot forward in regard to advocating for our learners, their families, and others in the community with ASD.

You’ll frequently find us out at community outings such as market events, gatherings at city hall, and out at the parks when the weather is nice. We want our community to recognize our faces and know that we are advocating for our clients and their inclusion and acceptance in society.

NAC wants to be an advocate for your child and family in your home, school, or community setting. We help with raising awareness of ASD, training for those professionals working with your child in other environments, advocacy, and transitions to the school system and beyond. Let us know how we can help you!

ABA Therapy in Las Vegas schools

Nevada Autism Center is proud and happy to render services and integrate ABA therapy in the educational environment.

Did You Know?

The Behavioral Education and Consulting Services (BECS) at the University of Nevada, Reno, has contracted with the Washoe County School District to provide customized behavioral care to students in need at a fraction of the cost. In exchange for the reduced cost of services, BECS students receive training, funding, and opportunities to practice ABA skills in an educational setting.

To learn more about this contract, please visit this link.

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