Recent reports of an alarming shortage of certified special education teachers across the Clark County School have proven the need to replenish the number of qualified SNE teachers in classrooms.

With an increased demand for personalized instruction and support in learning, CCSD now faces an urgent predicament that necessitates recruiting more special education instructors.

Commitment to bringing in 450 new Special education Teachers

Gregio, a special education teacher, said the district is diligently working to fill positions as quickly as possible. “Soon as Saturday, July 29 we could find out if an agreement is reached,” he said. Basically, there is an ongoing negotiation between the teachers and the district that could potentially affect special education services.

Gregio also adds to the gravity of this issue, saying the district has even gone as far as recruiting teachers from the Philippines through a J-1 visa program. This year, the district has committed to bringing in 450 new recruits – extending its reach even further to draw talent from all over the country.

more funding is needed to adequately compensate the new teachers

The Teacher’s Union is also adamant that more funding is needed to adequately compensate the new teachers and retain them within their classrooms. Last year, Teacher Gregrio had the opportunity to chat with John Vellardita, Executive Director of the Clark County Education Association. During this interview, Mr. Vellardita expressed his intent to obtain a 10% raise for all teachers in the district and further increases for those who work in special education. He went on to emphasize that the union was striving for an extra 5% just for these educators.

As a result, it was then decided that the district should begin to prioritize resources in order to adequately serve students with special education needs.

district’s commitment to better serve students with special needs

According to Myron Mingo the program supervisor at Mingo Health Solutions, the lack of special education teachers could have a profound impact on students who require more individualized instruction. He highlighted that such shortages are not limited to Clark County alone and believes increased funding may help mitigate this issue.

Mingo expressed that with better wages, a consistent number of special education teachers could be retained in Clark County and benefit the progress of those in need. It is reported that the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) is due to meet with teachers about their latest contract offer from the district.

Nevada Autism Center

As part of the district’s commitment to better serve students with special needs, the limit of supporting the child should not end with the school walls. It’s advisable to seek additional help which will help the child thrive and reach his/her highest potential both at school and home. One way to provide this extra support is therapeutic services for special education students. This includes but is not limited to, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology services.

Nevada Autism Center is a great place for any issue related to behavioral intervention or therapeutic services, which will eventually help the child progress academically. For more information about Nevada Autism and support services, please visit this page.

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