Social inclusion poses a significant hurdle for children diagnosed with Autism in the United States. This condition (Autism) affects approximately one out of every 44 children in the country. An obstacle that many of them encounter is difficulty navigating social settings and interactions. For instance, they may struggle to form peer relationships or partake in group activities. In school, these Autistic students may find it challenging to make friends and experience feelings of exclusion during recess or lunch breaks. When in public spaces like parks, they may also face challenges dealing with the sensory overload of crowds and loud noises.

Askate Foundation

Because of these social challenges faced by Autistic indviduals, the Askate Foundation has been committed to bringing the joy of skateboarding to individuals with Autism for a remarkable 13 years now. Through their continuous efforts, the foundation has proudly organized clinics that foster an incredibly welcoming atmosphere for participants to explore new experiences while being embraced by a compassionate community.

This upcoming Saturday, the foundation (Askate Foundation) is set to hold a clinic in partnership with Whittier City at the renowned Uptown Whittier Skatepark. A resource fair with more than 20 esteemed organizations offering educational and behavioral programs will also be hosted.

The goal is to provide a centralized platform for families to gain knowledge about available Autism support &  services while also cultivating a strong community that empowers individuals of all ages with disabilities.

Nevada Autism

In addition to the remarkable initiatives of the Askate Foundation, many other organizations across America are working towards improving the lives of autistic individuals and other forms of neurodiversity. Nevada Autism, for example, is an integral part of the autism community, providing essential resources,& quality treatment to children and adults with Autism. Quality ABA Services, one of the primary offerings by Nevada Autism, has been a game changer in improving the lives of those impacted.

Through the unwavering dedication and quality ABA therapy that we offer, we continue to bring positive change for those living with Autism.

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