A common challenge faced by Autistic children is emotional dysregulation which can have a significant impact on their academic success. To help address this issue, a new program was launched at China Springs Youth Camp, led by Director Mastor Bellamy. In a recent conversation with the Minden Rotary, Bellamy expressed his enthusiasm for the program’s ability to provide support and guidance to emotionally troubled youth. To promote emotional success, the program offers mandatory courses in Aggressive Replacement Training, Thinking for Change, Boys Counsel, and Girls Circle.

Autism mental health and drug-substance counseling

What’s more, these young individuals also receive mental health and drug-substance counseling from trained professionals. The program is largely funded by the counties and states. With a team of 45 staff members, the program currently serves two dozen children who have had run-ins with the law in various counties. Education is one of the key components of the program and is provided by Douglas County School District.

Interestingly, Jacobsen High School staff are located on the CSYC property, making it convenient for students to access education. Furthermore, the program has expanded its offerings to include GED exam opportunities, vocational education through WNC classes, and engaging activities like snowshoeing and kayaking.

Education and growth

To enable the students to fully focus on their education and growth, they are not allowed to have their personal devices during camp time. In fact, during the first 30 days of their stay, no visitors are allowed as part of the OATH (Orientation and Adjustment Towards Healing) period. However, after this initial phase, students are given the opportunity to receive phone calls during the adjustment period lasting for 90 days. In the remaining 60 days, known as the transition and honors periods, students may go home every other weekend to ease the transition back into their home life.

One notable challenge during this transition is the readjustment to home life, particularly for students from Washoe County who often have absentee fathers and mothers who work long hours or are involved in gangs. If the home environment is not conducive to academic success, students may be placed in transitional living housing.

This option provides a supportive and stable setting for students to thrive in. The idea was born out of Bellamy’s passion for working with young adults and teens with autism, which he discovered while obtaining his education degree from Kilgore College. His experience coaching youth basketball at the Western Nevada Boys and Girls Club further reinforced this passion before he moved on to his current position in October.

Autism support and treatment

It is clear that Autistic children need support and guidance to succeed, and programs like the one at China Springs Youth Camp are making a positive impact in their lives. We at Nevada Autism Center recognize the importance of support services to children with autism. We are proud to continue our efforts in improving the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum & spreading awareness. For quality ABA therapy services and support in Las Vegas, we are here for you.

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