Autism has become a major area in the medical field, with researchers doing extensive work to develop effective treatment methods. Currently, there are over twenty prominent medical companies worldwide dedicated to this cause, working tirelessly on creating more than twenty-five treatment approaches for Autistic Disorder.

These companies, along with DelveInsight, have been diligently analyzing clinical trials, therapies, mechanisms of action, routes of administration and the latest developments in this field. 

This year’s Report

This year, a report has been released by DelveInsight, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the current clinical development scenario and growth prospects in the Autistic Disorder Market. This report includes vast commercial and clinical assessment of the pipeline products, ranging from the pre-clinical developmental phase to the marketed phase.

It also provides in-depth descriptions of each drug, including their mechanism of action, results from clinical studies, NDA approvals (if any), and other product-related details such as technology, collaborations, mergers/acquisitions, funding, and designations. This information is crucial for understanding the progress being made towards treating ASD and gives hope for a brighter future for those affected by this condition.

Key Takeaways

A few takeaways from this report are:

  • Across the globe, companies are diligently researching and developing novel therapies for Autistic Disorder, with a proven track record of success.
  • Some notable players in this market include Scioto Biosciences, Hoffmann-La Roche, Yamo Pharmaceutical, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Axial Therapeutics, Eli Lilly and Company, AbbVie, and others.
  • Promising therapies in different phases of clinical trials that show potential for affecting the Autistic Disorder market include SB-121, RO6953958, L1-79, JZP541, AB-2004, Tasimelteon, Carpirazone, and more.
  • IAMA-6 Therapeutics has started administering treatment for their Phase I clinical trial of IAMA-6 targeting autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy.
  • SciSparc Ltd. has enrolled their first patient in a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness & safety of SCI-210 in treating children with ASD.
  • The trials will assess safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics/dynamics, and delivery of the drugs in healthy volunteers.

Factors Driving the Market

The factor driving ADP is rising prevalence of autistic disorder, coupled with government initiatives to raise awareness about the disease – these are key drivers fueling the growth of the autistic disorder pipeline market. 


Despite the positive market drivers, there are certain barriers that are impeding the growth of the autistic disorder pipeline market. These include side effects associated with existing treatments, lack of knowledge regarding treatment options and other factors. 

Scope of Report

The coverage of the topic is global and it includes a wide range of companies specialising in treating Autistic Disorder. These include Scioto Biosciences, Hoffmann-La Roche, Yamo Pharmaceutical, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Axial Therapeutics, Eli Lilly and Company, AbbVie and other notable organisations. 

Autism Support and Treatment

On top of organizations that are focused on quality treatment, we at Nevada Autism Center are dedicated to raising awareness about Autism & offering tailored ABA therapy programs that have proven to enhance the lives of individuals with Autism.

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