It’s a big step forward to see organizations & community leaders taking action on World Autism Awareness Day in Las Vegas, Nevada. Specifically this time, it was Commissioners Michael Naft and Jim Gibson who made strides in raising awareness within the community.

In partnership with the ‘Grant A Gift’ Autism Foundation-Ackerman Center, these esteemed commissioners gathered on Tuesday morning to illuminate the iconic Las Vegas sign with a bright blue hue, symbolizing their recognition and support for this important day. 

Clark County Autism

‘Regarding autism, it is a condition that affects a large number of families living in Clark County, as well as throughout the country. This is bearing the fact that Clark County is an ever-evolving and inventive entity that is wholeheartedly committed to administering exceptional-quality assistance with honesty, reverence, and responsibility.

Its jurisdiction spans over the internationally renowned Las Vegas Strip while encompassing a land area equivalent to that of New Jersey. As such, it stands as the eleventh most expansive county in the United States, providing extensive regional amenities to a staggering 2.4 million inhabitants and hosting an astounding 45.6 million tourists annually (2019).

That said, 7,000 children have already been diagnosed Autistic in Nevada alone. However, they still lack sufficient resources to proceed with Autism Treatment services.

Sufficient resources

However, they still lack sufficient resources to proceed with Autism Treatment services. Research has shown that early detection is the key to mitigating the severity of autism in children and ensuring that their academic & social needs are met. But this calls for the spread of awareness and resources for quicker diagnosis and intervention.

To this end, Grant a Gift and the Ackerman Autism Center are tirelessly working to address this pressing issue. Furthermore, your generous support is crucial in funding the necessary staff and programs to aid these families in navigating the complexities of autism. Without proper assistance, these families may face significant challenges in understanding and managing their loved one’s condition. 

Autism Treatment and Support in Las Vegas

In our role as proponents for individuals diagnosed with autism, we, the team at Nevada Autism, are committed to the provision of Autism awareness along with top-notch therapeutic treatments for those who fall within the spectrum. Our firm conviction is that with appropriate means of support and access to necessary resources, each individual can flourish in their own distinct manner.

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