Platinum Bay Technologies is an innovative company that seeks to employ autistic individuals in its workforce directly. It offers a safe, secure and supportive environment for these workers to thrive and develop their skills. The company was started by  Steve Andrews, a 38-year-old entrepreneur and autism advocate who was inspired to start the company after seeing the shocking statistic that only 14.6% of autistic adults are employed in the United States.

A little background of Steve Andrew

As a young boy, Chris experienced the struggles of living with autism himself. He struggled to relate with family members and friends who did not understand his condition. He felt isolated and out of place at school, often unable to find acceptance. His class teacher didn’t understand his condition either but noted a few observations that he ignored his peers and preferred solitude when playing.

During middle school, Chris’s struggles became noticeable to his peers, with some assumptions that he was arrogant. As a result, he got bullied several times and was often on the receiving end of harsh words.

Her mom, who was a nurse to maternal children, was worried about his development. Both Steve and her mom visited countless doctors with the hope of finding a solution to his condition; while lots of blood samples, medications, and therapies were tried, none seemed to help Chris in the long run.

During high school, Chris found his first friend and also came to discover technology. He was always fascinated with the Macintosh Lab and found solace in the world of computers. One Christmas, when he was 14, he received a gift from his mom that changed his life. It was a  Macintosh computer. Steve was passionate about his gift and spent time in his room perfecting his skills.

Steve’s school life became more difficult as he struggled to deal with his condition and the lack of understanding from teachers and peers. At 16, He dropped out of school, and worked for many jobs, including chef, driving a tow truck, worked in maintenance and security.

His first tech job enabled him to become a Microsoft developer and a four-time Microsoft MVP. According to Steve, this tech job enabled him to build good communication skills talking about technology.

And while working in the tech field and seeing his personal and professional development improve, Steve noticed he needed more interest in the social nuances of the work and the confusing environment. 

The Diagnosis that changed things

One time Steve came across an article on Asperger’s on the internet. He read the article, noted his traits, and took the notes to a therapist. The therapist confirmed he was Aspergers, which made him realize that he had been trying to be someone else for so long. Steve says his diagnosis as an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome gave him clarity in his life, and he emphasized that “It was a defining moment in my life.” Steve adds that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was beneficial in providing him with tools to navigate internal dialogue and understand the cause and effect of emotions.

The rise of Platinum bay

Inspired by his journey, Steve decided to set up Platinum Bay Technologies to create meaningful employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. The company has created a unique model that not only focuses on autistic employees but also provides support and training while engaging in meaningful tasks.

The success of this model has been seen through the achievements of Platinum Bay Technologies, which has become a leader in IT and software development.

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