It’s another amazing month as the Vegas Stronger Champion lends a helping hand to families with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For anyone unfamiliar with Vegas Stronger, it is a Collaboration Center that is based in a former horse ranch in the Southwest Valley.

Here, they diagnose and treat those with all forms of intellectual or developmental disabilities. As Lynda Tache, co-founder of the Collaboration Center Foundation, states: “Some could have autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, dyslexia.”

She goes on to emphasize the importance of having everyone work together in order to serve all those living with or affected by any intellectual, developmental, learning or physical disabilities. Only then can we strive towards a brighter future for these individuals and their families.

Inclusive Environment

Linda also adds that It is not just about providing services, but also creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all. The five-acre campus is home to a tortoise rescue habitat, an accessible working garden and a playground that are designed with those with special needs in mind. There is even a café at the center, which is managed by Lynda’s son Grant, who holds the title of Chief Inspiration Officer. This highlight the inclusivity, allowing everyone to benefit from the Collaboration Center regardless of their background or ability.

John Etzell, Executive Director of Boyz Town Nevada, is proud to be part of the Collaboration Center. He explains how this partnership can help families in the area: “All six partner organizations here will come together to provide a unified solution for families so they don’t have to travel from Henderson to North Las Vegas and Summerlin for doctors appointments, activities and therapies that their children may need.” In other words, Boyz Town Nevada provides on-site diagnoses for autism and neurological conditions so those in need can get the support they require.

Findlay Automotive Group

It is with immense pleasure that Findlay Automotive Group’s Jeff Giles bestows a check of donation to the Collaboration Center, recognizing them as this month’s Vegas Stronger Champion. Giles who is in full admiration of their tireless efforts shared that, The Collaboration Center is an incredible place where families in need can access a variety of charities and services all under one roof.

I am so impressed by what you offer to the community that I want to honour you as our Vegas Stronger Champion for creating such an oasis. He emphasized that It is through their hard work that many have been able to find solace and support.

Nevada Autism

As an additional layer of support, Nevada Autism has been committed to aiding those affected by autism. Through information, advocacy, resources and guidance, we have provided a safety net to many families.

We also provide ABA therapy that empowers children to achieve their fullest potential. Find out more about Nevada Autism Center and how we can help.

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