It’s a whole new ballgame when children can get lost in a book while getting a haircut or waiting for one. This innovative approach not only makes haircuts and wait times more enjoyable for young ones but also encourages them to engage in reading activities at an early age.

It’s an initiative that has been made possible through the partnership between the NFL and the Las Vegas Clark County Library District, with a total of 10 participating barbershops, including the highly esteemed Certified Barbershop 2.

101 Barbershop

Also joining this effort is 101 Barbershop in Henderson, owned and operated by Stacie Skillman. As a business owner, Skillman understands the significance of providing not just a service but an experience for her customers. The addition of books in her barbershop serves as an opportunity for children to have meaningful interactions with their barbers while engaging in reading materials that can benefit their intellectual growth.

Skillman has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of this program. From increased reading levels among children who come to her shop, to improved comprehension skills. It is clear that books can contribute much to child development when they are integrated into daily life.

Benefits of reading among children

Gee, who is also a barber, strongly believes that reading is essential for achieving one’s dreams, whether it be in the music industry as a rapper or as an athlete in the NFL. He says, “if you’re aspiring to be a rapper, you must read. If you want to succeed in the NFL, understanding how to read a contract is crucial. In order to achieve your goals, education, and reading are key components that cannot be overlooked.”

There’s one more exceptional aspect of 101 Barbershop that hasn’t been mentioned & sets it apart from other establishments. It’s their generous offer of free haircuts on Tuesdays 12- 4 pm for special needs children or ASD children. This compassionate gesture was born from the owner’s personal experience with her son, who is also on the autism spectrum.

On one occasion, when she took her son to a regular barbershop, he kept moving and twitching, which resulted in the establishment charging $180. This was due to the perceived inconvenience caused by his behavior and time taken away from other customers in their chairs. This incident inspired her to open Nevada’s only barbershop specifically designed for children with special needs, such as ASD children, providing them with a safe and understanding environment.

The added bonus of having books available to read during their haircut further enhances the experience by serving as a potential distraction for children who may not enjoy getting their hair cut., also it is a thoughtful amenity showing the barbershop not only caters to the physical needs of its clients but also takes into consideration their mental and emotional well-being.

Early intervention

We at Nevada Autism Center are proud to see businesses like 101 Barbershop taking steps towards inclusivity and understanding for those with special needs. By providing a safe and welcoming space, they are not only contributing to the community but also helping individuals with autism improve their communication skills through regular haircuts. For treatment assistance or to learn more about autism, please visit this page.

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