On Saturday morning, Henderson’s Water Street was a sea of green as the city hosted its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Hundreds of onlookers, dressed in their festive best, lined the streets to celebrate Irish heritage and culture.

The parade featured local school bands, dance troops, marching units, floats, and surprise guests. As they made their way down the street, children waved flags and cheered on their favorite performers while adults held up signs wishing each other a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

What events took place

There was a fantastic event for everyone at the parade, from traditional Irish music to modern rock-and-roll, giving the event an eclectic feel. The congregation was also treated to classic activities like face painting, balloon art, and novelty vendors selling wares along the parade route.

According to Erik Pappa, the president of the Irish Viking Lodge, It was the best parade in town. “It’s the best parade in town; if you’ve been to parades downtown, they don’t have as many locals and are not as enthusiastic as this.”

Indeed, Erik Pappa has been a regular at the parade for years. He proudly wears his Irish Viking Lodge sash and enthusiastically cheers on the participants. This year, he was delighted to see all likes of attendees, from the local businesses and organizations to children, come out to show their support.

Other new Visitors

It is not just Erick Pappa who has been a regular attendee at Henderson’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Jake and Candi Rossetti, two locals, have been coming to the celebration for six years. On Saturday morning, the duo arrived at Water Street before 9 a.m., securing their regular spot. They laid a blanket and unpacked snacks from the cooler to share with their three children as they enjoyed the celebration.

There were also some who attended for the first time, like Joseph Barrera, coach of the Spartans Basketball Academy. He brought students from his program to participate in the parade and experience Henderson’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. “This was our first year at this parade,” he said. “as we grow out this youth community basketball organization, I thought it’d be a great chance for us to showcase the kids.”

Barrera said his players, especially the younger ones, were thrilled to be marching in the parade. He applauded Henderson for its hospitality and for allowing them to join the celebration. “We are eager to come back next year.”

Other opinions

Allen Glatts, an activity coordinator for the Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Southern Nevada, also echoed Barrera’s praise of Henderson. According to Glatts, their organization has participated in the parade for seven years and has never encountered any issues with the city.

“The city of Henderson is incredibly accommodating, and it’s been a fantastic experience participating in their St. Patrick’s Day parade,” Glatts said. He also expressed his happiness to see the parade become even more popular this year, as more participants were lined up than ever before.

With its enthusiastic crowd, lively performers, and abundant fun activities, it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend’s Irish heritage and cultural celebration.

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