This week, The Smith Center in Las Vegas welcomes a special guest – Disney’s beloved sensation “Frozen.”

Last seen on the big screen in 2013, this Academy Award-winning animated classic is coming to life onstage at the Smith Center. Audiences of all ages are welcomed to join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and all their acquaintances on an epic adventure.

About Frozen

For those unfamiliar,with”Frozen” , it is an award-winning animated movie about a dauntless princess, Anna, who sets off on an epic journey alongside an iceman and his loyal reindeer.

Anna & Kristoff sets off on a daring journey to rescue their kingdom after it has been trapped in perpetual winter due to Elsa’s icy spell.

Along the way, they encounter various magical creatures like as endure harsh weather conditions, and rely on the strength of their friendship to battle the icy cold.

To restore peace and harmony to their kingdom, they must find a way to thaw Elsa’s frozen heart. Their daring adventure is full of magical twists and turns that will test the strength of their bond. Will they be able to triumph in their mission and save their kingdom? Only time will tell.

The Smith Centre

The film has become a worldwide phenomenon,  and  has been praised for its visuals, voice acting, vibrant and lively songs, and overall story.

Now, you can experience the magic of this beloved movie live on stage. The Smith Center will feature stunning costumes, show-stopping music, and plenty of laughs as it brings “Frozen” to life.

The production will begin its 10-day run on Wednesday, promising a memorable evening, with tickets starting at just $34.

Accommodation for Sensory Sensitivity

Some autistic individuals find the pace and structure of traditional theater performances overwhelming, so this special show has accommodated those with sensory needs; On Saturday, March 18, at 1 pm, a Sensory Inclusive Performance of “Frozen” will be offered at The Smith Center.

This performance has also been accommodated for individuals with Autism and ADHD/ADD/Down syndrome/Cerebral Palsy, with special attention given to the sound levels, lighting, and seating plans.


Regarding tickets: the Smith Center is the only authorized retail ticket outlet for performances of “Frozen” at The Smith Center; therefore, it is essential to remind ticket buyers that their website is the best source for securing tickets.

Tickets purchased from other sources may be lost, stolen, or counterfeit and cannot be printed. To ensure a secure purchase of legitimate tickets, please visit The Smith Center website.

Be sure to get your tickets now and experience the magic of “Frozen” this week at The Smith Center. Grab the full opportunity and ensure a wonderful day full of fun and adventure.

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