Take a moment and consider how vital it is to create a good learning environment for children. An environment can build or break a child’s potential to learn. This is even more crucial if we are determined to cater to the needs of our children diagnosed with Autism.

The key here is creating an enriching setting in the early years that enables and empowers their learning from the very beginning. It must be stimulating, & supportive, as these elements are paramount in facilitating holistic development in children.

Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada

This is what the new initiative at Southern Nevada is doing – they have created a club called “boys & girls club” that aims to instill a sense of empowerment among Autistic children as they meet and interact with their peers in a positive environment.

Young people like Mi’King, a member of this club, are really grateful for this opportunity. In an interview, Mi’King admitted that he struggles at times, especially when it comes to talking to people who are not his close friends or family. “I’m very shy,” he said.

However, at the club, Mi’King overcomes his shyness and improves his confidence. In fact, he goes on to say, “You guys help me motivate myself,” as he acknowledges the impact of the licensed mental health therapist who works right at the club.

Teens and Young girls with Autism

Megan, who is the Chief Behavioral Health Officer, shares that they have been surprised by the turnout. She says the number of teenagers and young adults, including those diagnosed with Autism, coming to them is more than what they anticipated.

This, of course, highlights the importance of mental health support for this age group. Andy, who is the president and CEO of the club, further emphasizes the need to establish trust to effectively help those seeking therapy.

He explains, “When someone shares their mental health problem with a complete stranger, it’s important to break through and build trust.” 

Autism therapeutic support

It’s not just about social interaction. The club also provides therapeutic support in managing emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger. These issues can manifest into harmful behaviours if left unaddressed.

Shyla, who is also a member of the club, says, “I appreciate the assistance I receive from talk therapy as it helps me cope with my anger and provides guidance for dealing with school-related conflicts.”

The team’s aim

The team’s aim is to connect with as many children and families in need. As stated by one of the staff, the intention is to create an all-inclusive environment where growth and learning are encouraged for everyone involved. Both staff members and children engage in continuous self-improvement, fostering a positive atmosphere that promotes personal development.

Autism Treatment and Support in Nevada

In addition to individual efforts, such as the new initiative at larger organizations that significantly contribute to the improvement and awareness of Autism.

Among these organizations is Nevada Autism, a leading provider of quality ABA treatment for families affected by Autism. We provide a wide range of services, including advocacy. Get in touch with us here.

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