The Super Bowl is among the big annual events in American football and each year, millions of fans eagerly await to see which teams will be competing and who will ultimately come out as champions. For one lucky young fan, Bentley Rowe, his dream came true when he received a surprise from Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips.

Phillips made the generous offer to Bentley

The 10-year fan was gifted with tickets to the 2024 Las Vegas Super Bowl. Phillips made the generous offer to Rowe Bentley and his family on Wednesday night. He asked if they wanted to attend the Super Bowl, and when they excitedly said yes, he surprised them with a check for $5,000 along with two tickets to the game.

This unexpected gesture from Phillips left the family speechless and filled with Joy. “I’m going to the Super Bowl. Oh!” That was the Reaction of Rowe Bentley. He even added, “Yes, yes! I’m going to Vegas!” This heartwarming interaction between Phillips and Bentley was made possible through Harrison’s Playmakers, a nonprofit organization that empowers children with developmental differences.

Bentley Rowe, who has autism, is one of Harrison’s Playmakers and has been positively impacted by the program. Such Initiatives mean a lot to Autistic people, as it allows them to enjoy the same experiences and opportunities as their peers. The social interaction in these activities aids in their social development and helps reduce the feeling of isolation and exclusion that many individuals with autism face. Moreover, these initiatives at least encourage others to support and show empathy towards individuals with developmental differences, thus breaking down stigmatization.

Rowe’s mom is Grateful

For Rowe’s mom, She can’t help but feel grateful for how Phillips and his family have completely changed their lives. In fact, they’ve been involved with the organization for a remarkable four years already. Even if it’s four years, Richardson still feels extremely grateful and fortunate to have known Harrison, Paul, and Tammi. She says that without them, their entire family wouldn’t even be able to enjoy such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Nevada Autism Center

However, Harrison’s Playmakers is just one of the many organizations that strive to empower individuals with autism. Another organization is NAC, which focuses on providing quality Treatment (ABA therapy) and Educational Services for individuals with autism in Nevada.

We are dedicated to promoting awareness and support for individuals with autism in various communities.

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