Meet Sean, the son of Jack Hamby. From childhood Sean has always sought comfort in nature & felt a connection to the outdoors. His love for the wilderness is so great that as a toddler, he would eagerly knock on the door to go outside and explore. As he got older Sean accompanied his father on camping adventures enjoying activities, like hiking, fishing and swimming together.

These trips brought back memories of the excursions Jack’s father used to take him on when he was young. It is a tradition passed down through their family.

Sean’s curiosity about nature goes beyond just enjoying its beauty. While most children enjoy collecting rocks, Sean takes it a step further by not only knowing the common names of plants but also their scientific names.

Sean is Autistic

Sean is Autistic, meaning that he perceives the world differently. His father, Jack, who works for the Bureau of Land Management as a Range Program Lead in California, believes that being Sean’s father has made him a more compassionate and understanding supervisor.

He credits his son Sean for helping him become more open-minded and accepting of individuals who may think differently. When asked why Sean Loves being outdoors, Jack simply states that it allows Sean to fully express himself without any restrictions or expectations imposed on him. This sense of freedom and openness is what makes the great outdoors a safe haven for Sean, where he can truly be himself without fear of judgment.

The month of April

April is officially recognized as Autism Acceptance Month. This month serves to bring awareness about Autism. Some common traits may include difficulties with social interactions, communication & difficulty with sensitivity to sensory stimuli. The CDC reported recently that approximately 5.4 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with autism.

It’s essential to consider the unique strengths and needs of each individual when creating activities for children on the autism spectrum. Understanding their capabilities and defining what a successful outcome looks like for them is crucial for a positive experience.

For example, when a child on the spectrum is visiting a new environment, it’s important to adapt to their comfort level , be mindful of overstimulation, and prepare them in advance psychologically.

One way to prepare them is using social stories, which are short and simple narratives that use words and images to explain what to expect and reduce anxiety. These stories are written in the first person perspective and often include many visuals to help teach rules and expectations.

Autism Treatment & Intervention

When it comes to intervention, timely support and early intervention are among the best ways to help them reach their potential. At Nevada Autism Center, we offer a range of services, including Behavioral Analysis and speech therapy, customized to the needs of clients. For treatment support, feel free to reach out to us.

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