During the month of April, we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, we also celebrate people like Yaretzi Gonzalez – an 18-year-old from Las Vegas who has autism but has defied any limitations placed upon her. Yaretzi has a variety of interests, including drawing, painting, animation, and performing, all of which she excels in.

In an interview with Anna, her mother, she stated that Yaretzi possesses boundless creativity and an insatiable drive to explore new things. She also explained that at the age of 3, Yaretzi was diagnosed with autism and has since received specialized support from Touro University’s Nevada’s Pierce Autism Center, which has helped her develop confidence in her skills and even acquire new ones.

Autistic children are also gifted

One of the Doctors at the center, Jennifer McConnell, a board-certified behavior analyst, shared that despite society’s focus on disabilities, Autistic children can also possess hidden abilities or talents, but these can often be overshadowed by their disability.

She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and nurturing these talents to help children with autism reach their full potential. Thanks to Touro University’s dedicated efforts in promoting Autism Acceptance, young individuals like Yaretzi can now showcase their abilities and break societal stereotypes.

Confident and sociable individual

Since 2008 thanks to the therapy services offered by the center, Yaretzi has overcome her challenges. Blossomed into a confident and sociable individual. As she gears up to start at the College of Southern Nevada and follow her passion for computer science at UNLV Yaretzis aspirations in animation are on the horizon. It is truly inspiring to see how the center has been instrumental in helping young individuals with autism achieve their goals and dreams.

The current global prevalence of autism stands at 1% among children with the United States reporting a rate of one in 36. While there are support programs and initiatives, for individuals with autism there remains a significant need for increased acceptance and understanding.

It is essential for society to actively promote acceptance of autism and offer resources and assistance to help individuals with autism thrive in all aspects of their lives. Early intervention plays a role in enabling children with autism to achieve their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

This involves identification and intervention to address any delays or obstacles promptly ultimately reducing the likelihood of significant challenges and improving outcomes related to social skills, communication and overall well being.

Autism Treatment and Care

Besides Touro University’s dedicated efforts in promoting Autism Acceptance, we at the Nevada Autism Center also share the same mission of advocating for and providing personalized care to children with ASD.

Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to creating an inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can access equal opportunities and services, which is essential in gaining recognition and acceptance in society.

We accept

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