It is a great achievement that, once again, the charitable organization “Autism Cares” and the city of Las Vegas both teamed up to organize a community resource fair. This event, which was held on Saturday, facilitated the gathering of all local resources at one convenient location for the good of those with disabilities. Families, in particular, were thankful for this event & to actively engage with various vendors and obtain valuable information regarding a wide range of resources available to them.

Resources for Autism Adults

This is especially beneficial for Autism students who have recently graduated from high school and are transitioning into adulthood at the age of 18. What typically occurs is that they struggle to find resources once they leave the school system. Hence, this event acts as a conduit for them to acquire the essential knowledge and connections with local resources that contribute to their welfare and success.

For those unfamiliar with Autism Cares, it is a pioneering non-profit organization in Nevada that aims to bridge the gap between Autistic adults and their access to community resources. It enables ASD adults to achieve independence, productivity, and even inclusion in society. One can support this cause by providing donations, which would be greatly appreciated and have a significant impact on the lives of those with Autism.

Donations are made through the Autism Cares website, after which one can see tangible results of their support through the positive changes in the lives of individuals with Autism & happy parents as evidenced in social media. By donating, you are not only offering financial support to Autism Community, you are also showing your solidarity to creating an inclusion. Your generosity echoes louder than you may realize.

Nevada Autism

In addition to Autism Cares, we at Nevada Autism Center are dedicated towards raising awareness & providing specialized care and support for ASD children. Our center provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, which is an effective, scientifically proven treatment option that helps those with ASD acquire new skills such as improved communication and reduced problematic behavior if any is causing a challenge to a child.

Let’s not overlook the role of early intervention in fostering better communication skills and ultimately enhancing the quality of life among individuals diagnosed with ASD. We remain committed to transforming our society into a place where people living with disabilities can enjoy fair access to services and opportunities, as well as be accepted and respected by others.

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