ABA therapy is a well-spoken therapy that helps reduce challenges that may arise due to Autism, but on top of that, ABA  can also be applied to other vast arrays of conditions. For example, ABA can help people with Down, Fragile X Syndrome, and traumatic brain injuries.

Despite its potential benefits, however, access to ABA therapy varies significantly by State. New York and Nevada are two states that have different regulations regarding ABA therapy coverage and care. Here, we will review the differences & similarities in how these two states cover ABA Therapy and any additional resources available to those seeking access to applied behavior analysis services in either State.


For those unfamiliar with coverage, it is the amount an insurance company will pay on your behalf for the ABA treatment of your child or loved one. In both New York and Nevada, ABA Therapy is covered in specific health plans. New York covers up to 45000 per year while Nevada covers up to 75000 per year.

This coverage limit in New York and Nevada is relatively low compared to the cost of some treatments. For example, a typical ABA therapy program costs around $120 per hour.

But with York’s $45000 limit means 375 hours of treatment. In comparison, Nevada residents can receive up to 600 hours of ABA Therapy. If an individual requires more than the allotted hours of ABA Therapy covered by insurance, they will need to pay for additional therapy out of pocket.

And again, some treatment programs may offer services not covered by insurance, such as family counselling. This means you’ll cater for it. But with that said, the coverage can still benefit parents needing help covering their medical bills.

Age cap

Age is also an essential factor to consider regarding ABA Therapy coverage. In New York, there are no age limits for ABA Therapy. This means that any individual of any age can receive ABA Therapy if their treatment plan falls within the $45,000 annual limit on coverage.

In Nevada, ABA Therapy coverage is only available to individuals 18 years old and below or 21 if enrolled in high school. This means that adults over 21 may not be eligible for coverage. If you live in Nevada and are over 21, you may still be able to access ABA Therapy services.

However, you will need to cater for the cost of sessions or programs. But additional resources may also be available that could help cover the treatment costs.

Visitation Limits

In both New York and Nevada, there are no visitation limits for ABA Therapy. This means individuals can receive as many visits from a qualified ABA practitioner as necessary to meet their treatment goals. However, it is noteworthy that for ABA Therapy to be effective, an individual should receive ongoing treatment from a qualified practitioner. The more hours of treatment an individual receives, the better the outcome.

Practitioner Requirements

Finally, New York and Nevada have different requirements for ABA Therapy practitioners. In New York, therapists must be licensed through the NYSED. In Nevada, practitioners must be  Licensure with Nevada’s Board of Psychological Examiners. In other words, practitioners must meet specific criteria in each State to provide ABA Therapy services.

In conclusion, both New York and Nevada offer coverage for ABA Therapy services. While the coverage limits are relatively low, it is still beneficial for individuals who need help covering the cost of treatment. Additionally, there are no visitation limitations in either State. However, practitioners must meet specific requirements to provide ABA depending on their State.

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