It’s an incredible accomplishment when a special education teacher extends his or her expertise to create an educational app that benefits children with Autism. ABA expert & teacher Susan Varsames collaborated with Henesys Studio to create an educational app called “Mana ABA.”

With her extensive knowledge gathered through years of experience, Susan first developed a curriculum that focused on improving socio-emotional, cognitive and life skills. She then worked with Henesys Studio to bring this curriculum to life through engaging games using the app’s simple drag-and-drop and tap interactions.

At the core level, these games are built to teach essential skills such as recognizing objects, understanding actions, following instructions, & grasping mathematical concepts. 

Developmental progress

And what’s more, the app has five levels with activities that gradually increase in complexity. This ensures that children progress developmentally as they successfully complete each level. To make things even better, built-in analytics continuously track and analyze the child’s progress, highlighting any areas that may need extra attention or practice. This allows instructors to tailor the app to each child’s individual learning needs.

The ability to track a child’s progress with maximum precision is the key to customizing relevant teaching strategies for the child. When an instructor can clearly identify the child’s areas of need, they can create specific lessons that bolster those weak areas.

That way, the lesson or treatment is not just one size fits all. It ensures the child is not overwhelmed with tasks too advanced for their current level, thus making learning more streamlined and enjoyable.

Rewards and accomplishment

On top of tracking, Mana App understands the need for a child’s motivation and drive to keep pushing through challenges. With every obstacle conquered, the child gains a sense of accomplishment – this is where Mana ABA differentiates from other apps. Tailoring lessons to be both challenging and attainable help students acquire new skills & bolsters their confidence to accomplish more.

Currently, Mana ABA is accessible through both the App Store and Google Play, ensuring a wide reach to parents and educators.  Its user-friendly interface also caters to the needs of all age groups, making it easy for anyone to utilize its educational features. And that’s not all – Mana ABA will launch on Desktop in the near future.

Autism Therapy Treatment

As more individuals volunteer to help teach children with Autism, the demand for resources and treatment continues to increase. This is where Nevada Autism center steps onto the stage. Nevada Autism has been providing exceptional ABA therapeutic services and support for children with Autism for several years.

Through various programs and initiatives, Nevada Autism Center strives to create a better future for those with special needs.

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