Las Vegas is taking steps to make it easier for those with Autism to enjoy the many attractions and experiences that the city has to offer. One of the more recent additions is Meow Wolf’s exhibition, Omega Mart. The Omega Mart in Area 15, LA, is the first of its kind in Las Vegas and is now certified as a Certified Autism Center (CAC). In other words, the facility is now suitable for autistic children and adults.

For those unfamiliar with Omega Mart, it is an interactive art installation that combines music, storytelling, tech and art to create an immersive experience.

One can explore its expansive space, interact with the digital exhibits, and participate in activities like creating their own audio tracks or engaging with virtual reality experiences. However, if you’re autistic and you’ve ever visited this space, you understand how overwhelming and overstimulating it can be.

The Adjustments

For this reason, both the exhibition and the staff have transformed to better serve its guests, including autistic individuals. In an Interview, the Manager of Omega Mart said, “We are committed to creating a warm, accommodating environment for everyone who visits us. This includes people with Autism, and we want them to feel comfortable and supported while exploring our immersive exhibition.”

The Manage also reported that nearly 600 of their exhibition employees, along with 96% of Omega Mart staff, have taken part in special instruction to be more accommodating to guests with Autism. The service quality has also changed. For example, guests with Autism and sensory disorders can get a complimentary sensory bag upon arrival. This includes items like headphones, sunglasses, and various toys that provide comfort for those sensitive to lights and sounds. A further incentive is that these bags are totally free.

Other Groups in Las Vegas that have taken similar Measures

It is not just Omega Mart that has taken a step to become Autism friendly. Blue Man Group, the Smith Center and The Shops at Crystals on the Strip are also taking strides to provide a better experience for Autistic Individuals. Blue Man Group specifically has a modified performance that reduces sound and light levels at certain points in the show. They also limit audience interaction and provide earplugs and quiet spaces for those who need calming breaks.

For those unfamiliar with Blue Man Group, It is a show where three actors painted in blue use humor, music, science experiments, and more to entertain the audience. Blue Man Group’s show is just one of the many Las Vegas experiences offering options for those with Autism. Part of each ticket sale goes to the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation in Las Vegas, which provides family-centered services to individuals with Autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

Grant a Gift Autism

President of the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation Ackerman Center in Las Vegas, Brian Hager, emphasized the importance of autism awareness and acceptance, stating: “It is imperative that we all recognize that autistic individuals are valuable members of our community and should be respected as such. rather than deemed as ‘different’, we need to foster an environment that encourages their true selves.” He highlighted that these adjustments are necessary to provide an opportunity for those with Autism to explore and enjoy Las Vegas in a safe, inclusive manner.

Autism acceptance and accommodation

He also noted the importance of being understanding and sympathetic when encountering families in airports who may appear distressed.

He commented, “We must remember that there are elements of their life beyond our comprehension, and so we should try to be accepting and accommodating.”

Additionally, he outlined the many resources available for those with Autism in Nevada, highlighting discounted entertainment tickets, sensory-friendly rooms at resorts, and knowledgeable medical personnel.

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