Another Super Bowl LVIII is set to take place in Las Vegas & the amazing news is that Jonas Martin, a native of the city, has received a  special surprise – tickets to the highly anticipated event.

Martin was gifted these tickets by none other than former National Football League running back Steven Jackson and famous magician David Blaine. For those who may not know, Martin is a client of the Grant A Gift Autism Foundation’s Ackerman Center and also happens to be on the autism spectrum.

Seeing individuals like Martin given such fantastic opportunities and experiences is heartwarming.

Impressive feat & inspiration for the Autism Community

The Host Committee for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas also shared that Martin has successfully completed their social skills program and even graduated from their vocational program.

This is an incredibly impressive feat & inspiration for the Autism Community, as it shows determination and capability. Currently, Martin works at Mustang Sally’s, a popular establishment in Ford Country, and he is also able to live independently. Martin’s passion for the Las Vegas Raiders and magic, as evidenced by his special encounter with magicians Blaine and Jackson at the Encore Theater, showcases the breadth of his diverse interests and talents. Blaine even took the time to teach him how to throw cards, giving him a memorable experience.

Jackson Super Bowl Ticket Surprise

During their interaction, they also had a friendly competition where Martin successfully hit the camera with a card before Blaine could do so. Blaine’s reaction was nonchalant, as he was impressed by Martin’s natural ability and potential. “You just beat a pro magician, a pro football player, and you’ve never thrown a card before.”

 To add more excitement and thrill, Jackson then revealed a surprise by pulling out Super Bowl tickets and announcing that Martin would be accompanying him to the event. Ecstatic with joy, Martin exclaimed “Yeah boy! I’m going,” unable to contain his excitement at the prospect of attending such a prestigious sporting event.

Blaine Surprise to Martin

But that wasn’t all, as Blaine also surprised Martin with tickets to his own show, where he invited him to join in the card-throwing segment at the beginning of the performance. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity left Martin feeling grateful and overjoyed.

As a reward for their contributions, the host committee has generously provided Super Bowl tickets to various community members, such as a dedicated community advocate who actively collaborates with multiple organizations in the valley and a determined high school student who overcame obstacles and successfully achieved his educational objectives.

This kind act serves as a gesture of gratitude towards these individuals for their remarkable efforts and accomplishments. Blaine and Jackson are examples of the many kind-hearted individuals in Nevada who strive to make a positive impact on their community.

Nevada Autism Center

Organizations also work to provide resources, creating awareness, and providing quality services to individuals and families affected by autism.

At Nevada Autism, we believe in the power of awareness & efforts are dedicated to improving the lives of those with autism and their families.

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