It’s one thing to see a pro player in action on the field, but it’s another to witness their dedication to a big-time cause outside of their game. Such was the case for Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce as he participated in Mike’s Seafood Run Walk for Autism in New Jersey over the weekend. Despite being 36 years old and considering retirement from the NFL, Kelce still took on the physically demanding 5k run helping raise funds for a worthy cause.

Kelce,  amidst a sea of fellow competitors, exerted himself to the point of exhaustion at Excursion Park, showcasing his unrelenting drive and altruism both on and off the field. By taking part in this philanthropic event, Kelce not only garnered awareness for autism but also exemplified the significance of utilizing one’s platform and advocating for the betterment of society. 

Autism rates

Autism rates have been dramatically increasing in recent years. The current world autism rate of stands at a staggering 1 in 100 worldwide among children, which makes it one of the most prevalent disorders. It impacts a child’s or adult’s communication & social skills. In the process of raising money for the autism center, children and families can at least confront the obstacles of accessing resources and support. This is the reason why Mike’s Seafood Run Walk for Autism is so valuable to society.

With such dedication and charity events, marginalized communities and families are able to obtain funds that will help them financially when they need to acquire therapy, specialized equipment, and other services that are required for their children with autism to prosper.

In an effort to display their gratitude, the charity run’s Facebook account posted heartwarming photos of Kelce, accompanied by a message of adoration and appreciation.

Kelce brothers

The Kelce brothers have a good relationship and often support each other’s endeavors, whether it be on the field or beyond. Together, they also host a podcast called New Heights where they discuss their experiences in football and life. During their post-Super Bowl episode, Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife, was asked about his wild night out with Travis and country-pop star Taylor Swift in Las Vegas.

Continuous support and advocacy for individuals with autism

Constant support and advocacy for individuals with autism is crucial as it facilitates them in leading gratifying lives. At Nevada Autism Center, we strongly believe in the potential of early intervention to aid these individuals in achieving their utmost capabilities. For more information, please contact us using the provided information below.

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