Supporting those in need is one of the core values of an equitable society. This is not just a statement but a principle strongly demonstrated at the Travel Market 2022 conference held at Resorts World Las Vegas. The esteemed organization American Marketing Group (AMG) successfully raised over $50,000 (USD) for the charity Autism Speaks, thanks to its partnership with preferred suppliers.

Autism Speaks

And for those coming across Autism Speaks for the first time, it’s an organization that advocates for individuals with autism and provides support for their families. The founders of Autism Speaks understand the real hurdles that come with having a loved one with autism, part of which can be related to the affordability of treatment and support resources. Therefore, it’s remarkable to see the dedication of such organizations to supporting parents who had otherwise been resolved to the thought of going it alone. 

Creating awareness and offering a platform for ASD individuals

This is not just about monetary donations but also about creating awareness and providing a platform ASD children to thrive and reach their full potential in society. As Kathryn Burney-Mazza, the chief sales officer, expressed, Autism Speaks is a cause that holds great significance to her and her team, and they have been actively supporting it for many years.  

AGM commitment

AMG, which came out in collaboration with Autism Speaks, also has a remarkable history of supporting those in need. With contributions amounting to nearly $500,000 from advisors, partners, industry associations, and staff, AMG has truly exemplified its commitment to making a positive change in the lives of Autistic Individuals.

The Company is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has gathered over 800 travel experts in Las Vegas for Travel Market, which will take place from October 27th to October 30th. It is also a proud parent company of prestigious brands such as TRAVELSAVERS, NEST, and The Affluent Traveller Collection. This annual event brings together top professionals and autism advocates in the travel industry to exchange ideas and network with and support charities like Autism Speaks.

Nevada Autism Center (NAC)

We at Nevada Autism Center are proud to witness the continuous growth and success of Autism awareness and support across various platforms and collaborations, such as AMG’s conference. Our organization also strives towards the same goal by raising awareness, supporting, and offering quality therapeutic services, such as ABA therapy, to children and adults on the Autism Spectrum.

We believe in being stronger, bolder, and brighter in our efforts toward creating a more inclusive and accepting society for individuals with autism. Let us continue to work together towards this common goal and make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by autism.

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