It’s compelling to imagine that a well-packed bag and a ready itinerary are all that’s needed to take your child traveling, but as any parents whose children have special needs know, it’s quite a bit more complex than that & often necessitates careful preparation. One cannot simply assume that an Autistic children will experience the same level of comfort during summer travels as their neurotypical counterparts.

Let’s explore ways to smoothen the transition of your Autistic child to summer travels.

Enquire about Special Accomodation

If you plan to fly for your vacation, it is worth checking with the airport of departure to determine whether they provide preferential treatment, such as queue jumping to families with an autistic child or those requiring special accommodations. Most main airports will have this service available, which can be immensely helpful when traveling with a person having autism. It also allows you to reach your destination more quickly and enjoy the adventure that awaits you!

Make sure to ask for a lanyard when checking in at the airport as proof of your autistic child’s condition.

Ear protection

A common challenge when traveling with an autistic child is that the noise of bustling streets and thick crowds can be hard to cope with. To assist your child in managing such a sensory overload, you could try having them use earplugs. Ear protection enables them to still experience their surroundings but at a reduced volume level, providing respite from the overwhelming commotion.

Again, to avoid distress, it is recommended to have a spare pair of earplugs on hand in case the original set gets lost.

Visit the smaller complexes

It’s fine to visit the smaller complexes for a vacation since they often provide amenities that are not available in larger ones. They have fewer people, which means lower chances of social anxiety for the child. Examples of such facilities include tranquil pools, secluded beaches, and private lounges. These can offer a great respite from crowds and better enable relaxation.

Furthermore, the smaller complexes tend to be less busy than their bigger counterparts, meaning it’s easier to get around without waiting in long queues for restaurants or attractions.

Plan with plenty of time in background

Rather than hastening the children through the train station or from one destination to another, plan your journey in a manner that gives you plenty of time to reach your destination. This will help minimize stress levels and generate an affable atmosphere for your child. Too early or tardy arrival could possibly result in additional worry, so try to arrive at places approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the departure time.

Doing this ensures everyone has enough time to get comfortable before journeying.

Ask for assistance

It might come as an amazement, yet you do not need to confront the chances without anyone else – There is no damage in asking for some assistance, especially when voyaging with a kid. Connect with those near you – your life partner, accomplice, kin, companion, or even a babysitter if necessary – so you can take some time.

Most will understand the need for a minute’s delay, so do not falter to take 2 minutes off to restore.

Nevada ABA therapy

As you can see, Traveling will require some alterations when traveling with a child, especially if the child is on the Autism Spectrum. But one thing to note is that Autism Diagnosis is not a barrier to travel. In fact, many families with children on the Autism Spectrum find it cathartic and enjoyable. Nowadays, behavior modification therapies are available for children that can help make travel smoother.

ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy is a treatment offered in Nevada. It is an evidence-based approach focusing on positive reinforcement and teaching new skills. Check out Nevada Autism resources to learn more about ABA therapy.


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