Author and Broadcaster at Minnesota, Sheletta Brundidge, is a mom of four children, three of whom are on the Autistic Spectrum. Brundidge has been actively interacting with special needs communities and even wrote two books about her kids’ Journey with Autism and how to support affected children.

This year Brundidge had a brilliant idea to write the third book in honor of her youngest son, Brandon, who is the third with Autism. However, she wasn’t sure if she could write it before Autism Awareness Month, April.

Much to her surprise, the month of March had a few surprises in store for her. While walking around the RV park just around the corner from her home, she noticed that her son Brandon was acting differently, and the child’s face filled with joy and excitement. The child was looking at a huge RV camper that said, “Let’s Go, Brandon!” and he was all happy.

Now, Brandon is often shy and quiet around adults and public places because of his Autism condition, but this time round, he was a different person and filled with excitement. Then the little boy was strutting and smiling, chatting up strangers, which was a rare sight for his mother, Brundidge.

When Bundridge asked her son why he was all so excited, her son Brandon replied, “Look, these are my fans; they know me. They love me.” He pointed at the signpost, which said Let’s go, Brandon, “See, that’s my sign; they love me!”

Surprised by her son’s response, Bundridge replied, “That’s not your sign; that’s your book.” (To which Bundridge’ would get an Idea to flip ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on its head and make the book in honor of her son.)

Originally, the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is a political term embedded deeply in politics. And it means F*** Joe Biden. It originated during the NASCAR Series race broadcast in 2021 when the crowd was chanting the bad refrain. But Sports reporter Kelli Stavast misheard the phrase F*** Joe Biden and claimed the crowd was saying “Let’s go Brandon” in honor of the race’s winner, Brandon Brown.

To young Autistic Brandon, this was more than just an exciting recognition — He never knew all that much about the vernacular political meaning and the negativity of the phrase. Rather, he knew that he was a hero and was being honored in front of a global audience.

Recognizing the incredible impact of this epiphany, Brandon’s mum, Bundridge, composed the book ‘Brandon Spots his Sign,’ which has become a bestseller. The book is centered around the inspiring story of Brandon, who was diagnosed with Autism and is nervous about participating in activities like swimming & dancing because he fears his Autism will get in the way. In the story, Brandon spots the `Let’s Go Brandon” messages, which motivates him to overcome his fear and participate in activities.

The book has gained a lot of traction & caught the attention of President Biden himself, who took his time and sent a letter to Brandon encouraging him and praising his inspiring story.

The book also caught the attention of NASCAR star Brandon Brown, who also unwittingly helped spawn the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon.” Young Brandon’s story touched brown, so he invited them to an upcoming Xfinity as VIP guests. During the race event, Young Brandon even got to go in the pit and meet with Brandon Brown, where they got to help push out Brown’s car for the race.

Now, the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” is used as an inspirational chant to motivate & encourage autistic children, helping them break down barriers and build up their self-confidence. This phrase has also sparked a movement of inclusivity that has spread globally, and it all started with one little phrase. Brandon’s story is now helping countless children see that Autism does not define them.

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