Among the 25 cities chosen for an autism clinical trial, Las Vegas was one of the few selected to participate.

As part of the nationwide research, researchers are recruiting Las Vegas participants to help unlock the mysteries behind autism.

The decision to enroll a loved one is easy or challenging, depending on the parent’s perspective on how they want to help the child diagnosed with autism.

For Heather-Lei Ambos, a  Las Vegas mother of an 8-year-old child with autism, the decision was tough. “I don’t want my 8-year-old to take anti-psychotics. He’ll scream, sometimes hit. He has many sensory issues and lashes out when he gets overloaded.”

Heather explains that She’s even tried to install special locks to keep  her son safe, but that only goes so far. “locks to keep him from being able to go outside when he’s in a mood because he’ll scale the fence,” she says

About the AB-2004 Medication

According to an associate professor at UNLV and Touro University, Dr. Ann,” Of the patients with autism, probably about 20% have irritability & aggression. The irritability may include biting, kicking, screaming, or tantrums,”

But She says there’s hope in AB-2004, a  recently developed clinical trial medication targeting gut bacteria linked to a behavioral problem.

AB-2004 is designed to reduce irritable behaviors and provide a better quality of life for both the child and the parents. 

How the drug is administered

Dr. Ann explains that  The medication can be sprinkled in food, & doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream. “It binds those bacterial toxins,” She explains. 

Clinical Trial Requirement

The clinical trial is currently looking for participants in Las Vegas, aged 13-17, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Previous 200 trials have shown promise,  with results suggesting a significant decrease in aggression and irritability.

Benefit of participating

Heather hopes this clinical trial will provide something that many parents of autistic children can only dream of. Dr. Ann says the study period is 12 weeks and is worth 1000 dollars.

According To Heather, the Mum to the 8-year-old autistic child, “My son doesn’t have any other outlets to get help. Even if he can’t grow up to be functional enough to live independently, we’d like to keep him home. And with physical aggression, that’s not going to be possible.”

She hopes AB-2004 can give her son the life he deserves in the Future. Currently, her son is not old enough to participate in the trial, but she hopes AB-2004 will be able to provide some relief for other families affected by autism.

If someone you know is between the ages of 13 and 17  & interested in the clinical trial, please contact the AB-2004 research team HERE for more information.

Help unlock the mysteries behind autism and be a part of something bigger by joining this research effort. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those with autism. 

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