Politicians rarely open up about matters of the heart, but French President Emmanuel Macron made an exception while meeting with two autistic interviewers. President Macron is married to his wife Brigitte, a woman 24 years his senior whom he met when she was his teacher in high school.

This has been the focus of much public attention, though Macron has always handled the scrutiny with grace and humor. Brigette, currently 69, has been a source of support for Macron throughout his life and career. She’s an active presence in his presidency, accompanying him on foreign trips and attending official events.

The Interview

During the Interview with the two autistic interviewers, who work for Le Papotin, a journal for children and adolescents with autism, President Macron opened up about his relationship. The Interview passed a letter to Macron by one of the audience, stating, “He should set an example and not marry his teacher.” President Macron laughed and quipped, “Well, I have nothing to oppose about that. But I’ll say this: She was not my class teacher, but rather my Drama Class Teacher, There’s a difference”.

President Macron smiled in kind, which triggered a laughter from the audience. He then talked about how true love can be a source of inspiration; he said, “When it’s about Love, you have no choice. You have to follow your heart and soul”.

The interviewers were amazed by the President’s words, and one of them said, “He’s Crafty”.

Interview on Friendship and Financial condition

The Interviewer continued asking Macron about his relationship and his thoughts on Putin. Macron, who was still smiling, said Putin is actually an unpleasant guy in real life and he’s met him personally. “When you meet him, he isn’t unpleasant. That’s a great paradox.”

Macron, who has been a former banker, was also interviewed regarding his current Financial condition. “Do you have a lot of dough?” One of the Interviewers asked. Macron answered he earns less as a president, but he’s doing something that matters more to him and enjoying what he does.

Despite his hard inquisitive Interviewers, Macron demonstrated poise and humor in the face of their questions and candidness on friendship matters. He thanked the Interviewers for their interest and commented “Your questions took me out of my comfort zone and addressed issues I don’t usually get asked about. It was a pleasure to answer them.”

His response was met with more than a few chuckles, but it also highlighted President Macron’s capacity for openness to the world and understanding.

Le Papotin Interview

It’s not the first time Le Papotin has made headlines with its interviewers, and it will not be the last. They’ve Interviewed top politicians from all over the world, including Presidents Jacques Chirac, Vincent Cassel and Nicolas Sarkozy. Le Papon’s Interviews have made a difference in the world, providing an inspiring example of how people of all abilities can make a difference.

In this case, President Macron’s openness and sincerity in the face of two inquisitive autistic interviewers will leave a lasting impression.

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