As you probably already know, job opportunities for young adults moving out of school is one of our society’s main struggles. This encompasses a wide range of youths, including ASD individuals. In fact, many young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often face difficulties in securing employment due to the lack of understanding from employers. Recently, however, some companies have understood the potential of individuals with ASD and are committed to providing them with opportunities to succeed.

Blissful Seeds, a non-profit organization

One such company is Blissful Seeds, a non-profit organization based in San Diego, that is supporting  individuals with ASD to thrive through employment and entrepreneurship. The organization understands the unique abilities of each ASD individual more especially in art and craft where most talented individuals with ASD have not had a chance to showcase their skills.

The company has set up an art gallery and studio that sells products made by these individuals, such as all-natural bath bombs, candles, soaps, and resin art.  As the organization continues to grow and employ more individuals with developmental disabilities, its inventory will expand to include even more diverse and unique products.

Rita Nasrallah (founder of the company), is a loving mom to a son diagnosed with autism. She knows firsthand what it means to have a child with ASD and how challenging it is to find and maintain suitable employment in the modern workforce. Inspired by her experience, she has taken the initiative to create a business that caters specifically to providing meaningful employment opportunities for adults with ASD.

Inclusive world

In an interview, she expressed her belief that every parent wants their child to achieve happiness and success regardless of their special needs. And therefore She strongly advocates for a world where Autistic individuals are seen not as barriers, but as valuable contributors who deserve equal opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.

“I want others to recognize that being differently abled should not limit one’s potential for success, but instead be viewed as a chance to flourish,” Rita stated.

The organization Blissful Seeds, which provides a platform for individuals with disabilities to pursue entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, exemplifies this belief.

Autism Treatment and support

This collaboration is a source of inspiration and celebration as it demonstrates how Autistic individuals can fuel the entrepreneurial spirit and achieve success through hard work and determination. As more and more inclusion emerges, it is important to recognize and support organizations like Nevada Autism Center that strive to raise awareness and provide vital resources for families impacted by Autism.

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