As any parent of a child with autism can attest, it is an extremely difficult experience & requires compassion and dedication. For Adults who may suspect they have autism but have not received an official diagnosis, the journey can be even more puzzling. The reason is that as they have gone through life, they have “camouflaged” or learned to blend in with society.  In fact, many who are undiagnosed and struggling with autism have their experiences going unnoticed or misunderstood by others.

Autism Rates

52,000 individuals in Nevada are currently identified as being on the autism spectrum. The CDC has noted a rise in the prevalence of autism across the United States, with an estimated 2.7% of children affected in 2021 compared to 2.2% (year 2019). This increase is likely due to improved awareness and diagnosis of autism among healthcare professionals who’re now better equipped to spot the condition. However, it remains essential for individuals with autism and their families to have access to the resources and support systems once a diagnosis is made.

Support for young Autistic Adults

According to Robin Kincaid, the Educational Services Director at Nevada PEP, a non-profit organization focused on helping families with neurodivergent individuals, many families are faced with a daunting transitional period once their loved ones graduate or age out of the school system. When a teenager with autism turns 18 their parents usually take on the role of being the coordinators in charge of mapping out and steering their child’s path ahead. It can be quite demanding for parents as they hold hopes for their child’s achievements and are always looking for ways to help them grow into individuals who never stop learning.

Inclusion Fusion

Lauren Abercrombie, recalls her concerns when her brother, Mason, who has autism, left school. She noticed a lack of programs that offered opportunities for socialization in natural settings, which is crucial for young adults with autism to develop important social skills and build a sense of community. She believes that after high school, the chances for socialization decrease significantly, leaving many individuals feeling isolated and disconnected.

Lauren was determined to change this, and she and her friend Mia Fortunato founded Inclusion Fusion. This organization offers a variety of programs specifically designed for teens and adults with disabilities in Southern Nevada. Their services aim to assist with living and also offer activities such as Promapalooza, culinary workshops, relationship workshops and social gatherings. The objective is to establish a sense of community where people, with disabilities can unite, form relationships and experience a sense of belonging.

Nevada Autism

Supporting and standing up for individuals with autism is incredibly important as it enables them to live fulfilling lives. Here at Nevada Autism, we firmly believe in the power of intervention in supporting children diagnosed with autism in achieving their potential in both academics and social interactions.

Our notch therapeutic services, including Behavioral Analysis and speech therapy, are aimed at offering support and resources to individuals with autism and their families. If you need details feel free to reach out to us.

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