One of the most admired companies in 2023, Hemptown – Nevada (Kirkman), has been noted with distinction by CIO Bulletin. The subsidiary of Hemptown Organics Corp., which operates out of Portland, Oregon, is being lauded as one of the organizations that should be watched this year or in the future. The company is notable for its autism-friendly policies.

Kirkman is an esteemed manufacturer of nutritional supplements & has been selling quality products since 1949. It supplies the purest, latest, and top-notch dietary supplements for children, adults, and those with special dietary needs.

It collaborates with top researchers, & healthcare experts to create products that contain optimally balanced nutrients in convenient dosages. Most of its products are hypoallergenic (without colourings or flavorings that can cause sensitivities for many people) and lack the nine major food allergens identified by the FDA (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish.

Eric Gripentrog, the Chief Executive Officer of Kirkman, recently gave an exclusive interview to the CIO Bulletin, discussing how his firm produces nutritional supplements of unparalleled quality for a wide variety of customers.

Why and How the Company was Established

During that interview, he was asked why the company was established and how the idea of manufacturing nutritional supplements came about in the 1940s. He replied that Kirkman Labs was founded to enhance life quality for people with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. The idea for creating these products occurred when Wellman and Graham, two pharmacists, recognized that there were a growing number of people whose dietary needs were not being met by existing products.

They saw an opportunity to help those individuals and created nutritional supplements tailored explicitly for them. This was the start of Kirkman Labs, which quickly became a leader in producing high-quality and affordable supplements for this particular population.

Fillers and Additives

When asked if their company can make supplements without unnecessary excipients, in other words, whether they use stuff like artificial additives or fillers, Kirkman responded with a resounding yes. “Our products are all-natural and considerate of people with diet sensitivity,” he replied. “We don’t add any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. We use natural colorants and flavorings derived from fruits and vegetables like blueberry, raspberry, and mango.”

Regarding trends and changes

The CEO was also asked about what happens if the trends in the supplement industry change. His reply: “We are always open to change. Because we design a variety of products, if there’s an emerging trend, we will assess it to find out if it is something that would benefit our customers.”

He gave an example of the “mushroom-based products,” which he said they’ve taken from nature’s sources and crafted into three new forms: Gut Health, Energy & Endurance, and Mental Clarity & Focus. Furthermore, the market is now full of sleep aids that contain melatonin. However, their Herbal Sleep Aid was formulated without it, so those sensitive to melatonin can still enjoy its benefits. 

How Kirkman Keep ahead of the Market

Regarding how they stay ahead of the park in a market swamped with nutritional supplement manufacturers, He said that loyal customers, as well as new customer referrals, play an essential role in staying ahead. Additionally, Kirkman is proud to offer a wide variety of superior products. That includes clean-label supplements free from allergens and other contaminants. Their manufacturing process also ensures quality control measures are taken at every step throughout the production of their products. All these measures make them play a different ball game.

Kirkman is renowned for its commitment to the highest quality standards in the supplement industry. The Ultra Tested® system, a proprietary testing protocol, surpasses FDA requirements and ensures that all supplements are pure and efficacious. To guarantee this purity level, meticulous protocols must be followed during production – including hundreds of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). As a result, all Kirkman supplements – whether capsules, tablets, liquids, powders, or creams – are guaranteed to be 100% pure.

Parents with Autistic Loved One – Nevada

For parents with autistic loved ones in Nevada, finding the right nutritional supplements to support a loved one can be stressful. But companies like Kirkman Labs promise a safe and effective dietary supplement explicitly tailored for those on the autism spectrum. The firm also uses its advanced Ultra Tested® system to ensure that all products are pure and of the highest quality, providing peace of mind to those looking for reliable supplements.

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