The elusive nature of Autism has been a source of complexity in the medical realm and quite little has been unpacked regarding its cause. Research conducted in recent years points to the environmental pollution as a causative factor to the increased Autism diagnosis among new Kids.

The environment is not the only factor, though. Scientists have also added genetics to the potential cause list. And that’s not all; there are also emerging theories that suggest an imbalance in Gut microbiome is likely to be linked to Autism. In other words, when Gut bacteria are imbalanced, it often results in complications. Some of these complications map autistic traits.

Autism: a Vascular Disease?

As research is continuously conducted, so too are the discoveries of new potential causes and treatments for Autism. For example, Dr. Jack Jacobs, Chief Science Officer of Zhittya Genesis Medicine Inc., has a different perspective on the condition, suggesting that Autism may be a vascular disease.

This new perspective is yet to be elaborated and is set to be discussed during his presentation at the AutismOne International 2023 Online Conference, which will take place on Friday, September 1st, at 8 a.m. PST.

The focus of the talk is “Autism: Is This a Vascular Disease and Would Therapeutic Angiogenesis Be a Potential Treatment?” In other words, Dr. Jack Jacobs will provide evidence that Autism has its origins in impaired blood flow to certain brain parts. Later, he will suggest a treatment approach based on their past test result.

FGF-1 Autism

The pinnacle of his research is the use of FGF-1 as a treatment option for Autism. For those unfamiliar with FGF-1, in layperson’s terms, it’s a protein that enables body regeneration. Basically, it helps heal damaged vessels and tissues.

In the past, Dr. Jack Jacobs has tested FGF-1 on patients with severe heart disease who had exhausted all surgical and medical options. The results were remarkable, to say the least – according to Dr Jack.

The use of FGF-1 is not new in the medical realm though. It’s been tested on patients with speech difficulty. The results have been encouraging. For example, most patients demonstrate remarkable improvement in speech, others in comprehension abilities.

Following these, Dr. Jack and his team are continuing to test the efficacy of FGF treatment on Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and stroke patients.

These conditions are rampant in the modern world, claiming millions of lives. As such any breakthrough as regards their treatment can be of immense benefit to people.

FGF Conference

Once again, join the upcoming conference that is scheduled for 8 a.m. Pacific Time on September 1st. Registrations are done through the link provided:

Nevada Autism Center

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