This Saturday, the Accelerated Learning Academy is opening its doors to introduce families to its services. With the increasing outbreak of Autism in recent years, the academy has dedicated its educational program to cater to the needs of children impacted by Autism.

Event plan

This Saturday’s opening event will feature an introduction to what the Academy is all about. It will tour parents to its facilities and staff presentations. It will also explain its innovative approach to inclusive learning. The facility, which offers inclusive Pre-K through 5th-grade classrooms, launched early in 2021 and has since been dedicated to fostering learning and growth.

One of the co-founders of the academy, Jennifer Samuel, says they were driven to create the academy with the parental inspiration of the need to support a disabled child. She believes that having all necessary services, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, education, adaptive fitness, and early intervention, in a single location will make a significant difference for children with autism.

While the district does provide some resources for these children, some families found that they wanted more specialized services, which is what Accelerated Learning Academy offers.

Feedback from some parents

One of the parents, Keith McIntyre, also commented on the program and acknowledged that his son has benefited from a wide range of resources that he could otherwise access nowhere. His son is non-verbal autistic and needs additional resources for effective communication.

Mr. McIntyre also expressed his appreciation for the Academy’s Home School accommodation. “This approach not only teaches my son at home but also teaches us parents how to teach our child at home,” McIntyre noted.

CEO’s Remark

Evidently, Gwen Johnson, CEO of Accelerated Learning Academy, understands the importance of creating an environment for children with ASD to learn and thrive. She discussed how their clinical staff works closely with teachers in small classes containing no more than ten students per teacher.

“We want to ensure there’s a balanced teacher-learner ratio, that way, learners can be provided with maximum learning support depending on their needs,” said Johnson.

“Our clinical staff are also dedicated to providing the best possible educational experience for our students and their families.” Johnson added.

Schooling Option & Fee

The Accelerated Learning Academy is hoped to become accredited as a private school.  Currently, there’s a homeschool option. The annual tuition is $18,000, but the Academy is making efforts to raise funds for scholarships so families can access an inclusive learning environment at no cost.

Event time schedule

The public is welcomed to the Accelerated Learning Academy open house at 5980 S. Durango, which will take place from 11a.m. to 2 pm. Refreshments and vendors who provide services for those with autism will be onsite at this event. Come learn more about how the Academy is helping children with autism.

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