In the last six months, a heated contract disagreement has been ongoing between the Las Vegas teachers union and the Clark County School District. The negotiations have been anything but smooth, causing an increasingly frustrated environment for union members.

As a result, there have been staff shortages in the classroom & disruptions. On Wednesday, a judge ruled that these absences of teachers in the classroom were illegal and an organized “strike” by the union.

Judge Crystal Eller was firm in her statement that the idea of these absences being due to sickness is absurd and cannot be ignored. She also stated that if the union does not end the strike, there will be severe consequences, such as hefty fines and even jail time for those participating.

Judge Crystal Eller ruling

In her remarks on Wednesday, Judge Crystal Eller conveyed her deep empathy towards the tough predicament at hand. However, she emphasized that it is unequivocally stated in Nevada’s legislation that striking is prohibited for all government workers. In response, the clark county education association (CCEA) has argued that the organization is not responsible for the recent spike in absences among licensed educators.

John Vellardita, executive director of CCEA, respectfully disagreed with Judge Crystal Eller’s order and said they would appeal to the state Supreme Court. Bradly Schrager, attorney for CCEA, also confirmed that they will take this matter to the highest court in the state.

school district announcement

The negotiations have resumed this week after 11 unsuccessful bargaining sessions. However,  the school district announced an impasse with the union. As in, negotiation is no longer an option and that arbitration is the only option. The school district arrived at this, believing that the union’s demands were “unaffordable”.

The last offer to the teachers was a 9% salary increase in the first year of the new contract, a revised pay scale that prioritizes higher education and experience, and additional incentives for special education teachers and hard-to-fill positions. The teachers’ union requests an 18% salary raise for two years.

They also advocate for salary educators working in low-income, often understaffed schools. Furthermore, they want an increase in pay rate for educators who work extended day hours at specific campuses.

labor union objections

CCEA’s lawyer, Bradly Schrager, has confirmed that they will take this matter to the highest court in the state. The heated discussions over contracts are taking place amidst a wave of labour union objections towards the treatment of workers across the country – ranging from the ongoing writers strike in Hollywood and Detroit’s auto production lines to strikes by employees at the Los Angeles Unified School District and along the Las Vegas Strip. The ongoing contract negotiations between the district and teachers exemplify a pressing issue in Nevada’s education system.

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