You’ve probably heard about Cannabis, a plant that has been receiving a lot of attention for its potential therapeutic benefits in treating medical conditions such as chronic pain among cancer patients, reducing seizures in epilepsy patients and reducing anxiety in Trauma victims.

However, recently, scientists have been investigating whether Cannabis has the potential of managing Autism. For those unfamiliar with Autism, it is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication and behavior.

Treatment Options for Autism

Autism is complex & comes with a variety of challenges for those who experience it. As such, its treatment takes various forms to effectively address individual needs and difficulties. The effective treatment options are Therapy, Medications & Specialized Education Programs.


Therapy, specifically Behavioral management therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), is a well-known and scientifically supported approach to helping people with Autism. It involves a doctor carefully examining the patient’s behavior. Often, a behavior can be harmful to the patient. For example, a child diagnosed with Autism may have a behavior of head banging. The doctor then analyzes the triggers and consequences of this behavior and develops strategies to modify or replace it with more appropriate behaviors.


Although the cure for Autism hasn’t been found yet, that doesn’t mean medication is irrelevant in managing Autism. Doctors often prescribe certain drugs to help Autism patients manage symptoms such as Anxiety or Hyperactivity. They include Antipsychotics, stimulants & SSRIs. Antipsychotic drugs reduce Aggression. Stimulants help manage hyperactivity. While SSRIs can be used to manage anxiety.

Support Services

Along with utilizing behavioral management therapy and prescribed medications, individuals diagnosed with Autism can also greatly benefit from a variety of supportive services. These include parent training,  Social Skills Training, & Special Education Services.

Scientific Research and Studies

There are studies already conducted on animals to test whether cannabinoids can be effective in managing Autism. The results have shown promise, specifically in reducing certain behaviors associated with the disorder – social interaction, repetitive actions, and cognitive function. Clinical trials were also conducted to examine the efficacy of CBD in treating symptoms such as anxiety and sleep disturbances in people with Autism. However, results suggest further research is still needed. Parents who have tried using CBD for their loved ones with Autism have reported positive feedback, but these studies rely on surveys and can be biased.

Potential Concerns

Although the use of cannabis products for managing autism symptoms shows promise, there are several concerns that are arising. One major concern is the psychoactive effects of THC in Cannabis. These can have undesirable effects on sensitive patients. Furthermore, the impact of Cannabis on the brain development of children hasn’t been understood. Other concerns include possible interactions with other medications and legal considerations, as the use of Cannabis varies across jurisdictions.

Autism Therapy

As we continue to delve deeper into Cannabis & its efficacy in managing Autism, it is important to recognize organizations dedicated to spreading awareness and providing resources for individuals with Autism.

Nevada Autism is one that offers advocacy and quality ABA therapy services for families affected by Autism in the state of Nevada. With our trained professionals and ongoing research on Cannabis, we aim to improve the lives of those impacted.

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