If you have Autistic kids and want to make their world full of fun and exploration, then the sensory toys cannot be a disappointment. From tactile to auditory, these toys will keep your little munchkin busy and cognitively stimulated. Here are the top five sensory toys you should consider for an Autism-friendly playroom.

Calm down bottle

The Calm down bottle is a transparent bottle filled with colorful glitter, soothing water, and scented oil. When agitated or overwhelmed, your child can shake up the bottle and watch as the shimmery specks dance around mesmerizingly. That should keep them entertained for hours on end. And it’s not just visually stimulating – it also provides auditory stimulation if you insert grains and beads inside.

Sensory Hammock Swing

Basically, a sensory hammock swing is an inflatable, fabric-covered seat that can be suspended in the air and moved back and forth. To use it, first, fill up the hammock with air and then hang it in a secure spot. Place your child in the hammock and watch them have a blast as they sway back and forth. It provides a calming cocoon-like environment while gently rocking your little one in its embrace. The unique fabric design helps stimulate the tactile senses, while its vibrant colors will captivate their attention. Adding extra pillows or stuffed animals will enhance the sensory experience and make it even more exciting.

Noise Reducing Headphones

With unique noise reduction technology, these headphones provide a much-needed sound barrier for children who are extremely sensitive to loud noises. The adequate padding and adjustable headsets rest gently on your little one’s ears and create a moment of pure serenity. Start by gently Placing the noise-reducing headphones over your child’s ears and adjusting the settings to a comfortable level. Ensure any excess noise is blocked out to provide maximum sound protection. You can also use this tool to help calm a child feeling overwhelmed or agitated – the soothing sounds will provide an immediate calming effect.

Light-up Ball

The light-up ball is a ball that glows in different colors when switched on. It’s an excellent choice for kids who like to see and touch things that light up. Technically they use LED lights that glow in different shades of rainbow colors, so it can easily captivate your child’s attention. To use this toy, turn on the switch and watch as it glows in different colors. Your child can also explore its texture and shape by feeling it with their hands, making this a fun way to stimulate the tactile senses.

Musical Toy

If your child enjoys music, this toy is the perfect tool. It comes with various instruments that can be used to create creative tunes. From drums and xylophones to maracas and tambourines – there are endless possibilities. This sensory toy helps stimulate auditory and tactile senses while encouraging creativity. You can join in the jamming session and blast with your child.

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