The majority of mothers are special. But, the mother of a child with disabilities is extra special. It’s not easy to be a parent in general, but when you add disability into the equation, it can be overwhelming. These mothers are always fighting for their children. They fight for them to have the best education, medical care, and acceptance by society. It’s a hard road, but they never give up.

These mothers are amazing, and their children are lucky to have them. Now, an interesting story about a special mother and her disabled child will warm your heart. The narrator loves to visualize God as an older man with a long white beard.

In this story, God is sitting on a cloud and watching over the earth. He hovers over different countries and sees all the different people living there. By his side is an angel who is also watching the earth while taking instructions from God. The angel is carrying a log book and a pencil. As God watches, he assigns children to different families. “John Bradly give him to Susan and let his body guard be saint Christopher.” The angel writes down the instructions and then flies off to deliver the child. “Whitney Adams, she will be born to Mary in Ohio.” The angel writes it down and then flies off.

Eventually, he reaches a lady called Mrs Nelson in Detroit. “Give Mrs Nelson a handicap child, one who is blind.” He says as He smiles. The angel looks at him in shock, “But Good lord, she already has two kids and she is poor.” God looks at him and says, “I know that, I can’t give a handicap to a mother who doesn’t know laughter. That would be too cruel.” The angel sighs.

“But my Lord, you know Mrs Nelson has no patience, she will never be able to handle a handicap child.” The angel pleads with God.

“I know that too, but remember if she has too much patience, she will never really understand her child. I want her to have just enough patience so that she can appreciate the good moments, and laugh with her child. Besides, the impatience will wear off with time, but the love will remain.” The angel nods and flies off to Detroit.

The angel looks at God with admiration and respect. “You are wise, my Lord.”

“I know.” God replies with a wink. Then he turns his attention back to Mrs Nelson, who is now smiling in her bedroom with her two kids. He smiles and shakes his head. “That woman is going to be one special mother. I will permit her to see the ignorance, pain, and heartache that come with having a handicap child, but she will rise over the, She see the love, courage, and hope that comes with it as well. Eventually she will be loved and respected by many for her strength and compassion. I will give her the wisdom to see what others cannot, and the courage to do what others will not. I will make her a special mother.”

This is a heartwarming story about a special mother and her disabled child. It shows that even though life may be difficult, there is always hope. This mother has been given a gift from God, and she will cherish it forever.

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