There’s a piece of recent news posted on yahoo news that “school refusal” is on the rise in the United States. It seems that the old “just go to school” solution isn’t working no more. So what can you do to help your child beat their anxiety and head back into the classroom?

And just as Professor Kearney puts it, “blaming all the parents for their children’s “refusal” to attend school only complicates the situation.” Most parents have come out to admit their genuine shock over their children refusing to go to school.

Psychologist Kearney states that it’s always paramount to identify the reason behind the child’s sudden refusal to go to school, as it could be due to various reasons. For instance, a child could be scared of the school environment or suffering from an underlying medical condition such as depression. They could also be facing separation anxiety or could be a victim of bullying.

An obvious benchmark is to check if the child is willing to attend a party or any other event. If yes, it can be safely assumed that the child is not suffering from separation anxiety. However, if the child is anxious about going to school or public places, it’s a sign that the child is facing some difficulty at school. Plus, if there is a sudden change in the child’s behavior, it could also be due to bullying.

With that said, children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) could also be a factor in school refusal, as the environment and social interaction can be overwhelming. It can also signify bullying or being uncomfortable with the school’s curriculum. Sometimes, it may be psychological issues such as depression or feeling overwhelmed.

In the Las Vegas area, there are a variety of schools catering to children with ASD that can provide them with the appropriate support they need to make school a more positive experience. These schools offer specialized programs that can help children manage their symptoms and work to improve their academic performance. Some of the best schools include.

New Horizons Center For Learning

The New Horizons Center For Learning School offers educational services for pre-kindergarten to 12th-grade children. They strive to provide the best education possible and meet each child’s needs. The school follows a structured curriculum, incorporating evidence-based teaching methods such as Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). They also offer extracurricular activities to ensure that children have plenty of opportunities to socialize with their peers. It’s located at 6701 W Charleston Blvd and accommodates all gender. You can contact them through this number, (702) 876-1181, or visit their website

The Newton Learning Center

The Newton Learning Center is a private Las Vegas school that provides services to children with ASD and other learning disabilities. They offer programs for children from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. The school follows an individualized, & social-emotional learning approach, which enables each child to reach their full capabilities. Their teacher-to-student ratio is only 1:6, which is excellent compared to the regular 1: 13. For more information, you can call them at (775) 358-0808 or via their website.

Academy of Precision Teaching

From Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade, the Academy of Precision Teaching provides a comprehensive education program for children with autism. They utilize scientifically-proven methods such as Precision Teaching and Discrete Trial Training to help children improve their academic performance. Not to mention, they also have a variety of activities that boost the child’s self-esteem and help them to become more independent. For more information, visit their website or call (702) 900-4320

These are some of the best schools in Las Vegas for children with ASD. Arizona Autism Charter Schools, Inc also seeks to extend Autism Charter Schools throughout the United States. Las Vegas and Dallas are estimated to open in the year 2026, respectively.

With this alternative educational option, there is hope for children with autism to receive specialized care that meets their individual needs.

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