Bucharest, the capital of Romania, will now be home to the Autism Voice Institute – a unique Multifunctional Center for Autism Therapy and Research, opened by Autism Voice Association in collaboration with NN Romania and other partners.

The Institute aims to establish therapies such as Applied Behavior Analysis that will be catered for autistic individuals while also educating clients more about autism.

Background of the Institute

According to Autism Voice president Anca Dumitrescu, the need for an Institute such as the Autism Voice Institute stems from the organization’s past fourteen years of activity in providing dedicated support programs and centres for children with autism.

Their extended fundraising campaign has now enabled them to open the first Multifunctional Center for Autism Therapy and Research in Romania, which will provide support and assistance to teens and adults with no other access to such services.

The Institute’s Goal

Dumitrecsuc further expressed that the Autism Voice Institute’s goal is to build a space where those with autism spectrum disorders can be noticed, listened to, comprehended, and given the aid they require – not just to cultivate abilities but also to operate without assistance.

The Institute intends to create an atmosphere where anybody diagnosed with a spectrum disorder can receive the necessary aid to grow and become self-reliant.

Institute’s Location in Bucharest

It is situated in a three-story building in Bucharest and has dedicated areas for therapy sessions, school integration, professional training, and counseling. Its program, LIFE Autism, is designed to help those with autism spectrum disorders learn self-sufficiency.

The Multifunctional Center for Autism Therapy and Research also features research and development zones that can lead to the discovery of new therapies tailored specifically to meet the needs of individuals with autism. This facility provides a space where such persons can access the essential aid they need to grow and become independent.

Institute’s Purpose

Proper treatment and specialized therapies are essential in the growth and progression of individuals diagnosed with autism while boosting their chances of living a more productive life. These treatments can help patients tackle the challenges that come along with autism. For example, communication, understanding emotions, and developing necessary skills.

From a survey conducted by autism voice, over 90% are aware of autism and the challenge that arise with it. 78% are positive that autistic individuals can be successful when aided with appropriate support.

But according to the survey conducted by Autism Voice, the majority of respondents (over 75%) noted that current support options for people with autism in Romania are inadequate.

They expressed that people on the spectrum do not have access to sufficient resources and aid. As a result, The Autism Voice Association has emphasized the need for continued financial backing to sustain its initiatives and services for individuals with autism.

How to Support

Individuals and companies alike can participate in supporting the work of the Autism Voice Association. Businesses can demonstrate support by allocating a portion of their profit, while individuals can donate EUR 2 by sending a text message containing the word VOCE to 8844. Such contributions are essential in providing financial support to continue Autism Voice’s work.

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