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ABA Therapy For Your Children in Reno, NV

Applied Behavior Analysis remains the only scientifically proven treatment method for Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2022. Our new location in Reno brings a fresh dynamic to the field of autism therapy through our highly trained and skills Board-Certified Behavior Analysts and level of care and compassion we show to every child that walks through our doors.

We offer a variety of services and utilize evidence-based approaches to help your child learn new skills and thrive in their everyday environments.

aba therapy reno nvWhat We Do

Nevada Autism Center, Reno location is a community of parents, caregivers, professionals, and students that have banded together to recreate the ABA therapy experience. We put your family first and ensure it stays that way throughout your entire treatment journey. NAC matches each child to BCBAs and RBTs who are experienced and knowledgeable in your child’s specific needs. We ensure as much of the billing and insurance paperwork are handled on our end so you and our BCBA can focus on setting up immediate treatment for your child all across Reno, NV. 

Upon requesting more information or calling our center, our experienced and professional staff will let you and your child’s needs guide the conversation towards how we can best help your child and family. They’ll setup an initial intake appointment, where you’ll be able to tour our state-of-the-art facility, meet our compassionate and highly knowledgeable BCBAs, and have your child evaluated so that a treatment plan can be formed.

Our staff will guide you through our intake and evaluation process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring you understand each part of the process on an uncomplicated level.  

Services Offered in Our Reno Location

The skilled professionals at Nevada Autism Center are available to provide the following services to your family.

Functional assessments

Experienced BCBAs will thoroughly evaluate your child to determine the function of maladaptive behavior. Next, they’ll develop a treatment plan based on science to reduce the behavior so that your child can better focus on skill building. 

1:1 ABA therapy

Your child is the center of our world when they come to NAC – Reno. They’ll interact with and learn from trained RBTs, who implement their behavior intervention and skill building programs in a 1:1 setting.

Social skills

Social skills are crucial to a fulfilling life, and we understand the importance of developing these skills as early as possible. Your child will learn and practice social skills in a variety of controlled settings and situations through play-based programs where everyone has fun!

Family guidance

You – yes you – are an incredibly important and central component of your child’s therapy! We want to ensure your understanding of what we are working on, progress that has or has not been made, and how you can help and practice at home. You’ll talk to your child’s BCBA once per week at minimum and you will also have their contact information if questions or concerns arise.

We want your child’s new skills to last a lifetime and we understand that your family is an important part of making that happen!

social skills group in RenoNeurofeedback

We offer this increasingly popular, evidence-based treatment at our Las Vegas and Reno centers with our trained professionals to help your child expand their horizons with everything from social skills to executive functioning. 

Summer camps

Don’t let your child’s newly formed or strengthened skills revert during the Summer! Summer brings themed focus groups and activities, where we will continue working on communication, social skills, and more with similar-aged peers! 

Model classrooms

Every aspect of our classrooms is designed with children in mind. They employ appropriate-sized furniture, learning materials, toys, and a plethora of sensory activities. Toys and games are rotated out on a weekly basis and your child’s current favorite activities will guide the classroom setup to build natural conversation and play skills! 

Community support

Nevada Autism Center (Reno NV) is working with families all over the community to build autism awareness and spread the word about ABA therapy! We work with children in their homes, schools, and our center locations. 

School readiness

The professionals at our center want the best for your child and their future, that’s why we place great emphasis on school readiness. Our communication and social skill groups work on the important proficiencies your child needs to become a good friend and a successful student when they reach the classroom. 

Clinical Settings  


Nevada Autism Center now offers services in our Reno center in addition to our Las Vegas facility. ABA centers are clinically proven to be more effective for our kiddos with autism, particularly because of the amount of time they spend receiving intensive care.

In-home care

In-home ABA therapy is also a great choice for treatment in a variety of situations. Kiddos that might need less intensive services or may have heightened levels of aggression may benefit from in-home ABA therapy. Our skilled RBTs will come to your home and hold sessions with your child based on the programs your BCBA has written.

School aid

NAC supports children with autism even when they begin school. Through coordinated care between our staff and your child’s school, we can arrange for an RBT to attend school with your child to further help them with academic skill acquisition, behavior intervention plans, and social skill building, as necessary. 

Why Nevada Autism Center – ABA Therapy in Reno, NV?

The field of ABA therapy is ever evolving and we at NAC want to hold onto core values, such as the care and compassion each child with autism deserves. This means we put less emphasis on billing and insurance claims and spend more time focusing on what matters most- your child and their wellbeing. Our center is different from others in that we always put each family’s needs first and ensure your child is always treated with dignity, respect, and benevolence.

Targeted behaviors for change are discussed with you and your child at length before intervention begins to guarantee the behavior change will be a beneficial one for your child and their lifestyle. We are client-centered and want you to become a part of our family here in Reno, Nevada!

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