There’s a growing need for ongoing behavioral health services & support among young adults diagnosed with Autism so they can integrate into their local communities and achieve a sense of independence. Unfortunately, when individuals with autism or developmental disabilities reach 22 years of age, they are no longer qualified for most special services offered by their state.

This causes many facilities to struggle to offer vital services to young adults over 22, given there’s no insurance support from the government.

Medicaid coverage for ABA therapy

It’s true that Medicaid covers ABA therapy for children in all 50 states, but the same is not true for adults across America. In fact, many states only started covering ABA services for adults as recently as 2023. Even with state funding available, assistance rates are often too low to meet the needs of adults with autism adequately. This leaves providers unable to offer the level of support required for Adults. In extreme cases where individuals have severe impacts from ASD and display challenging behaviors, the options for suitable programs become nearly hard to find.

Only a handful of organizations, such as the Adult Autism Center in Murray, Utah, are leading the way in providing the necessary help for adults with autism.

Generous funding from organizations like AATF

According to Joe Nawalaniec, adult autism supervisor at the Adult Autism Center, their ability to help & treat adults with autism is a result of generous donations from individuals in the community as well as funding from organizations like AATF. Without AATF, Support for adults with autism would not be possible.

At core, Dr Nalwec believes that each person can continue to learn throughout their lives & the same goes for those with autism. As such, it is crucial that we continue to provide support and resources even as they age out of the public school system.

Nawalaniec expressed his desire for Medicaid to include ABA therapy in all 50 states in the near future. This would enable providers to hire more staff and enhance their programs, thereby catering to adults with autism. In the meantime, he encouraged providers from states that do not currently offer adult services to collaborate with state legislators and advocate for increased funding or urge Medicaid to cover adult ABA services.

Other Organizations

He also mentioned that other organizations, such as the Columbus Center in Salt Lake City, the Ernie Els Foundation for Autism in Florida and the Teri Center in California, are already focusing on serving this population. These institutions offer specialized programs for adults with varying levels of autism and disabilities. By joining forces with these providers, Nawalaniec believes that more comprehensive and effective support can be given to adults with autism.

Treatment & Support

It is vital to provide continuous support and advocacy for individuals with autism, as it enables them to lead fulfilling lives. At Nevada Autism, we firmly believe in the power of early intervention in helping these individuals realize their full potential. Get in touch with us here.

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