About one in six people around the world have neuro differences, which can always fall under epilepsy, Tourette Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, and Down syndrome. These neuro differences can affect people in a variety of ways, from how they process information and interact with others. In Meetings, for example, people with neuro differences often face challenges that are not well understood by others.


Examples of such challenges include sensitivity to sound or light, difficulties with communication, problems with organization, and challenges focusing on tasks for long periods of time. This is why companies are considering ways to make their events more inclusive.

Marriott International Inc. is just an example of an international companies that are neuro inclusive to its members. For those coming across Marriot Inc for the first time, it’s a global hotel company with more than 7000 properties around the world.

Recently, it partnered with The Neu Project, an initiative from Google’s Experience Institute (Xi) that aims to provide resources and accommodations for neurodivergent attendees at meetings and events.


This partnership between Marriott International Inc. and The Neu Project will ensure resources such as quiet rooms, sensory-friendly spaces, and specialized food options are readily available for attendees with neuro differences.

At the moment, these adjustment initiatives and resources are being previewed at Marriott’s Corporate Partnership Customer Conference at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, CA.

The neuro-inclusive practices that will be incorporated include the following:

Dedicated Quiet Room: Neurodivergent attendees can always face sensory overload due to loud noise or too much light. A quiet room is a refuge from the chaos of significant events or meetings. In this space, individuals can take a break and engage in calming activities such as controlled breathing or simply resting. This dedicated quiet room will be made available at Marriott customer conferences and events with 250 attendees or more to ensure that neurodivergent attendees have a safe space to recharge and manage their symptoms.

Tools and Resources: In addition to the dedicated quiet room, Marriott will also provide a variety of tools and resources to help attendees with neuro differences better navigate the event. This includes sensory kits containing noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys, and other items that can be helpful in managing sensory overload. There will also be designated staff members trained to assist attendees with neurodiversity needs. These tools will be available upon request at any Marriott event.

Closed Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation: Marriott is committed to accessibility for all attendees, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. As such, screens and videos will have closed captioning for all keynote speeches and important presentations.

It doesn’t end there; Marriot will further its efforts by conducting listening sessions to the perspectives of the neurodivergent community. These conversations will be facilitated by The Neu Project, a leading organization advocating for neuro inclusion.

Nevada Autism

Apart from Marriot’s initiatives, the city of Nevada is also known for Organizations that advocate for Autism awareness and Treatment. Nevada Autism Center is one such organization that provides quality therapeutic treatment and support services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Located in the heart of Nevada, NAC offers a range of programs, including Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, social skills groups, & parent training.

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