Those familiar with Jenny McCarthy may know that she recently closed her school for autistic children. The reason behind this closure is even more heartbreaking than the closure itself.

Mcarthy is an actress and activist known for advocating and raising autism awareness. Her son Evan was diagnosed with Autism in 2005, and in 2009, she opened The Teach2Talk Academy School for Children with Autism.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints and difficulty meeting the state’s requirements, McCarthy needed help to keep the school open. In an Interview with LA Kid’s Magazine, McCarthy said, “f I had Bill Gates’ money, I would have them in every state.”

The accomplishment of the Macarthy School

McCarthy’s research-based methods in her school are still being implemented today, including sensory integration and early intervention. She also worked hard to bridge the gap between parents and teachers by encouraging interaction and collaboration. While running the school, McCarthy provided educational opportunities and an environment of acceptance to many children with Autism.

One parent commented, “It’s an honor that they were able to provide such high-quality early intervention services to many children with autism and other developmental disabilities.”

Mccarthy Split

That said, the closure of McCarthy’s school also follows McCarthy’s split with actor Jim Carrey, who was typically the financial investor behind her projects.

Jim Carey is an actor, producer, and activist known for collaborating with McCarthy.

It’s unknown what was the main reason for the split, but an interviewer from Hollywood Magazine presumed that the split may have been due to differences in opinion on how to sustain the school financially.

“Before the school fell apart, Jim was going to possibly buy out Jenny’s partner so the school would be all Jenny’s,” said one source. “Then, next thing I heard, [Jenny] was moving out [from Carrey’s house] and shutting the school down.”

This heartbreaking decision has left many people in tears and feeling helpless. Even though the school is closed, there is still hope for children with Autism. Numerous organizations and resources are dedicated to helping autistic individuals find safe and nurturing environments where they can get the help they need.

For example, Autism Speaks is an excellent resource for parents looking for support and guidance. Nevada Autism Center, provides services and support to autistic children. In Georgia, there is the Marcus Autism Center, which is dedicated to providing world-class care and treatment. No matter where you live, some organizations can help provide support for autistic children and their families.


While McCarthy’s school may have closed, McCarthy’s image (above) is still on the school’s website home page. This serves as a reminder of her school’s positive impact on many people’s lives.

Her vision for the school was a step in the right direction to help children with Autism. Although her mission was not accomplished, she remains an advocate and hero in the eyes of many parents. In addition, she continues to shed light on Autism by offering programs such as seminars and retreats for children with Autism.

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