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ABA Therapy For Your Children in Henderson, NV

Even today, in 2022, Applied Behavior Analysis remains the only way of treating ASD that has been shown to be effective by scientific evidence. Our new Henderson center delivers a breath of fresh air to the area of autism therapy with its team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts and the care and compassion they exhibit with each child that receives their services.

To assist your child in developing their highest potential, we provide a wide range of services, methods, and strategies supported by empirical research.

ABA therapy Henderson NVWhat We Do

Together, parents, care providers, experts, and children at the Nevada Autism Center (NAC) in Henderson replicate an ABA therapy environment. We place your family at the forefront of our priorities and work to keep them there for the entirety of your treatment experience.

When you enroll your child in NAC’s services, we’ll pair you with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) who specializes in helping children with unique needs.

We take care of as much of the insurance and invoicing as possible so that you and our BCBA can concentrate on getting your child started with treatment right away. Services are available all across Henderson, NV.

If you have any questions or want more information about our facility, our trained and caring team will allow you and your child’s needs to direct the conversation. The first step in getting your kid the help they need is to schedule an initial intake appointment, during which you’ll see our cutting-edge facilities, meet our experienced, compassionate BCBAs, and discuss your child’s specific needs along with an evaluation to determine the best treatment plan.

Intake and evaluation can seem like overwhelming processes. Still, our staff in Henderson, NV will help you step by step, addressing any questions you may have along the way and ensuring you truly understand how it all functions.

Services Available at Our Henderson Office

Services listed below are available to your family from the trained specialists at Nevada Autism Center.

Functional assessments

Licensed BCBAs will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child to identify the underlying cause of any maladaptive behavior. Their next step is to create a treatment plan, grounded on research, addressing strategies to help diminish your child’s maladaptive behavior so they can devote more time to skill development.

1:1 ABA therapy

When your child comes to NAC – Henderson, NV they are the entire focus of our undivided attention. In a 1:1 environment, they interact and engage with certified RBTs who will implement behavioral treatment strategies and lead skill development activities.

Social skills building

We recognize that fostering the early development of social skills is critical to ensuring a successful and happy adult life. Through engaging in play-based activities, your child will gain experience with and confidence in interacting with others in a range of safe and supportive environments.

Family Mentoring and Guidance

You, the parent, play a key role in your child’s treatment. It is part of our job to keep you in the loop about our progress, how you can help, and ways to practice on your own time. Our fundamental services are a top priority so that you know exactly how you can best contribute and help your child get the most from their treatment here in Henderson.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to the BCBA on your child’s team, and you’ll be able to speak to them at least once a week.

We know that your family plays a crucial role in ensuring that your child’s newfound knowledge and abilities will serve them well throughout their life.

Summer camps

NAC can keep your kid’s newly acquired skills mastered and practiced, even when school is out for the summer. This year, we will be organizing age-appropriate focus groups and activities to further develop your child’s interpersonal and communication skills.

Social skills training in Henderson NevadaModel classrooms

Our classrooms have been created with the sole purpose of educating children in mind.

Furniture, toys, and educational tools are all scaled to the child, and there are many opportunities for sensory exploration. The classroom will be set up based on your child’s current interests and favorite toys and games to encourage natural dialogue and play.

Community support

The Nevada Autism Center actively engages local families in raising autism awareness and distributing information on applied behavioral analysis (ABA). Our staff visits children in their homes, classrooms, and community centers.

School readiness

School readiness is a top priority at our facility because we care about your child and their future.

Your youngster will develop the interpersonal and academic skills necessary for friendship and academic success via participation in our communication and social skill groups.

Clinical Settings


We are excited to announce that in addition to our Las Vegas and Reno locations, Nevada Autism Center now also provides services out of our Henderson center. Clinical studies have shown that our children with autism fare better in ABA clinics, mainly due to their extended intensive intervention periods.

In-home care

In addition to being an effective treatment option, ABA therapy may be practiced in the comfort of a patient’s home in various situations. Home-based ABA therapy might be a good option for children who require fewer services or who have higher-than-average aggression levels. Skilled RBTs from our team will travel to your home to conduct therapy sessions with your kid, following the guidelines laid down by your child’s BCBA.

School aid

Once a child with autism starts school, NAC is still there to help.

We may organize care between our team and your child’s school so that an RBT can accompany your child to school to provide additional support with learning, behavioral, and social development.

Nevada Autism Center – ABA Therapy in Henderson, NV

As the practice of ABA therapy develops, NAC strives to maintain a steadfast commitment to fundamentals like the belief that every child with autism should be treated with the utmost kindness and respect. That means we can devote more time and energy to treatment for your child and less to managing paperwork and insurance claims.

The uniqueness of our facility lies in the fact that we prioritize the requirements of each individual family and work tirelessly to guarantee that your child is always treated with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Before starting intervention, your family and the team will thoroughly discuss the specific behaviors you want to see changed. This is to ensure that the new habits will be beneficial to your child’s lifestyle. Here at our Henderson, Nevada establishment, you and your child are a special part of the NAC family.

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