As the number of Children on the Autism spectrum continues to rise, it has become increasingly necessary for the government to take action. In Nevada, Bill 411 will be a turn for the better as more youth on the spectrum will have access to treatment programs in the juvenile court system.

This bill requires that children alleged or adjudicated to have committed a delinquent act and have been diagnosed or suspected of Autism, be assigned to an appropriate treatment program established by the juvenile court.

Reason for the Initiative

This initiative responds to the overwhelming number of youth on the spectrum who are presented to the court. In an Interview with Judge Bailey, who oversees the juvenile court system,  he explains that many of the children appearing before him do not have an official diagnosis and, therefore, do not receive the appropriate treatment while detained. This leads to a revolving door scenario where these youth come into contact with law enforcement multiple times without receiving the necessary help.

Common issues faced by these youth

Judge Bailey goes on to highlight the most common issues faced by these youth, which include battery, domestic violence against their parents or other protected individuals (such as responding officers), and malicious destruction of property. However, he also notes that there are cases where these children may exhibit behavior mimicking what they see on TV or hear from peers to seek attention or avoid school.

The root of this violence

This violence are rooted in behavioral challenges such as poor impulse control, difficulty in communicating their needs or emotions and struggling with sensory overload. It’s not always easy to understand or communicate with someone who has Autism, and this can lead to frustration and misunderstandings.

This is why it’s essential to have specialized programs for these youth. The court frequently receives inquiries from various parts of the country regarding the operations and procedures of this unique program, as conveyed by Bailey. And the best thing is initiative remains unparalleled in the entire nation.


The program has seen tremendous success since its inception in 2018, with 67 graduates who have gone on to lead fulfilling lives. Considering the hurdles faced by these youth, including behavioural issues, this is a remarkable feat. Only six of these graduates have returned to our program, demonstrating its effectiveness in helping them overcome challenges and thrive.

Nevada Autism Center

However, Nevada’s accomplishments continue beyond the groundbreaking program mentioned earlier. In addition, the state is home to highly regarded organizations like Nevada Autism that prioritize assisting individuals with autism spectrum disorder. With a strong emphasis on delivering tailored education and therapy services, Nevada Autism Center has been making remarkable strides in enhancing the well-being of individuals with Autism and their families by providing top-notch ABA therapy and cutting-edge educational programs.

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