The most recent data from the CDC as far as Autism in children is concerned has revealed a significant increase in the number of cases. The data suggests that currently, one in every 36 American children is affected by this developmental disorder. This number is significantly higher compared to any other point in modern history.

Reason for Autism Spike in Diagnosis

In the entire world, the WHO estimated that 1 in 100 children is affected by Autism. Of course, as Doctor Greenepeeshah, the founder of Autism Care Today and also Co-Founder of Autism Media Network points out, it can be argued that a small portion of this increase can be attributed to improved diagnostic tools and better awareness.

He also adds that Genetics is scientifically linked as a major factor in Autism Spectrum Disorder. That means the likelihood of being diagnosed with Autism is high if there’s an Autism incident in a family’s medical history.

Environmental toxins

One other factor that emerges is exposure to environmental toxins such as pesticides found in food. Dr Greenash explains that something in the environment is also contributing to the development of Autism – it could be the pollutants in our food, air or water. In fact, studies have shown that there is a correlation between the increase in cases of Autism and heavy metals & pesticides in the environment.

This is a grave matter that calls for urgent action from the federal government, with a significant increase in funding towards extensive research. Renowned Autism expert, Granpeesheh, emphasizes:

“It’s become an epidemic.” With alarming statistics of 1 in 36 children diagnosed with Autism and a higher prevalence among boys (1 in 23 boys), it is clear that this issue has reached a widespread scale, affecting classrooms nationwide.” The significance of federal aid not only benefits children with Autism but also safeguards future generations from potential risks.

Addressing Autism Challenges Effectively

One of the key factors to consider in effectively addressing Autism challenges is the timely treatment and management during the early years of an infant. Countless studies have proven that prompt diagnosis backed with targeted interventions can positively impact an Autistic child in a profound way.

Among the improvements that can be observed are improved language and communication skills, anger management, and improved socio-emotional skills which come in handy in a social set-up. ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills training are just a few of the many interventions included in early intervention programs.

Nevada Autism 

At Nevada Autism Center, we understand the crucial significance of timely interventions and possess a team of highly devoted professionals who have undergone intensive training to cater to each child’s requirements.

Our ultimate objective is to empower children with Autism to achieve their maximum potential and lead successful lives, both academically and personally.

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