Emergency situations like seizures can occur at any moment, and it is not something one would expect a 12-year-old to handle. Considering this totally unexpected situation, the average 12-year-old would probably panic and not know what to do. It’s even more compounded if you consider the fact that it’s an Autistic child who you probably know has communication and social interaction challenges.

But not Jarrell Wilson! Meet Jarrel Wilson, an Autistic 12-year-old Boy who did the unexpected and rightfully deserved the title “Hometown Hero” for his quick thinking and action when he saw his mother having a seizure.

Sudden occurrence

On May 3, Jarrell was at home with his mother, just having a regular day, when suddenly, his mother collapsed and started to have a seizure. For those not well versed with what seizure entails, it’s a sudden occurrence where there is a temporary change in behavior, consciousness, or sensation due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Often, it manifests in the form of convulsions, unconsciousness, and muscle stiffness. It’s no doubt a scary situation and will warrant a panic if you haven’t had an experience with it before. Thank goodness for Jarrel, who acted quickly by calling 911. Yes, it is a simple and straightforward action, but not as easy as it sounds in such circumstances.

He managed to stay calm and collected and communicated to the officer that things were not good and needed help. Wilson’s mom was rushed to the hospital, where the medics attended to her, and she was eventually discharged, having recovered from the seizure. 

Wilson’s bravery

It’s easy to let this pass as an ordinary tale of bravery, but it’s not. Even the media picked it up and gave it coverage. The county sheriff’s office, who helped Wilson dispatch her mom, together with Wilson’s church, also acknowledged the young man’s act of bravery. It’s a story that goes beyond just a child helping his mom. It brings to light the importance of educating children on emergencies and shows that young Autistic minds are capable and can go beyond our expectations.

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