It’s a significant step forward that individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities now have a specialized space to enhance their skills, thus preparing them for future employment opportunities in the Valley. The new center, named the Autism Pride Center, is a training facility that provides a range of services, including pre-vocational training, job exploration, and day habilitation for individuals with Autism and other disabilities.

What services & Programs does the center offer

The center can cater to a large number of adults – specifically over 100 at a time. This space offers various programs where participants can develop and hone multiple skills, such as technology, photography, beauty and fashion, retail, and music. Individuals passionate about technology can learn coding and programming, while those interested in beauty and fashion can take classes on makeup application and designing clothes. The center also offers training for retail jobs, giving individuals the opportunity to gain customer service skills and explore potential career opportunities in this field.

Other services

The Autism Pride Center also provides vocational training, including supporting participants in their personal growth and overall well-being. Through day habilitation services, individuals can engage in activities that promote social development, including sports, art classes, and group outings. The center also hosts workshops on independent living skills, such as cooking,& budgeting, to help participants gain independence.

These invaluable services are made possible through the generous support from the Dessert Regional Center. Established to empower individuals with disabilities, the Autism Pride Center is dedicated to equipping them with the necessary skills for success in the workforce.

To promote inclusivity, the APC CEO, Louie Tandiono-Cellona, expressed their commitment to integrating individuals with disabilities into the community. “One of our main goals at APC is to embrace inclusivity and provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to feel like valued members of our community,” said Tandiono-Cellona. This includes promoting a sense of normalcy for them, & also supporting their pursuit of employment.

Nevada Autism Center

Other notable organizations include Nevada Autism, which offers quality ABA therapy for individuals on the spectrum. For those unfamiliar with ABA therapy, it is a form of therapy that focuses on improving specific behaviors and skills through the use of behavioral principles and techniques. This includes reinforcement,  shaping, prompting, and other methods to promote positive behaviors and reduce negative ones.

In addition to ABA therapy, Nevada Autism also offers parent training and support groups. These resources can be invaluable for families navigating the challenges of raising a child with Autism. We provide education on effectively managing challenging behaviors and best supporting their child’s unique needs.

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